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From state to independent

Discussion in 'Independent' started by florian gassmann, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. florian gassmann

    florian gassmann Star commenter

    Some schools buy into the state TPS, some have their own pension schemes. You can only be certain by asking the school concerned (if they don't already say in the literature for the post.
    I can't answer that, as I've never known anybody who has wanted to return.

  2. Thanks for your helpful reply.
  3. Check the school is in TPS (lots of ides are). As for returning, I did it and know others who have - but the state schools do look on you with suspicion and doubt whether you can control their classes!
  4. Thank you!
  5. I'd imagine that it would depend a lot on the type of independent school. If the school was sen/ebd then controlling a class of 25 pupils in mainstream education really shouldn't be a problem. 'Returning' is the word here. The OP is not asking about the transition from independent to state, he/she is asking hypothetically about a teacher who has been in state previously. Just out of curiosity Rowntreegirl, do you manage to control your classes in mainstream? I would imagine the answer is yes (having the benefit of experience of both worlds)
  6. My comment related to the prejudiced attitude that I have experienced between state and independent - yes, state schools do often presume that having taught in indies that you somehow can't hack it back in state. I am not saying this is right; just that this prejudice does exist and can make it trickier to return should the OP want to at a later date, which is what he/she asked about. In answer to your question, yes I can manage to control my classes in both indie and state, although the behaviour in state is usually tougher in my own experience - but obviously this depends on what kind of indie/state you have worked in.

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