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From FE to Secondary

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by ssaleh21, Feb 25, 2016.

  1. ssaleh21

    ssaleh21 New commenter

    Just wondering if anyone else has made the transition from FE to Secondary, or the reverse?
    If so, what was your experience like?
    I have found it extremely tough, with some members of staff doubting my qualifications, subject knowledge and PGCE FE training. Don't know whether this is due to my age or because I was teaching in FE. I find my line manager to be extremely condescending.
    Contemplating whether to stay in secondary, students have been lovely to me though.
  2. saxonmom

    saxonmom New commenter

    In November 2015 I went as supply to a secondary (SEN) school teaching English and Humanities. It was a return to education after more than 9 years and I was quite apprehensive. I was asked to apply for a permanent position and wS offered post 8 weeks after starting. That's when the problems began. At both application and interview I made clear that my subjects specialism was psychology and I had previously only taught in FE. At interview I was asked if I had QTS - I had been asked this by the agency that placed me and I told them no. After my PGCE (FE) in the mid 1990's I went into college lecturing, where I remained on/off (maternity/career breaks). It was never an issue and I had never pursued it believing it to be a formality, a matter of registering with relevant bodies. After all I had gained all necessary accreditation when I trained. However, I was then informed by the current school that as such (and despite over 20yrs post qualification experience) they cannot pay me as a QT. I showed them by last contract and details of pay on the main lecturers scale. I was informed that it wouldn't be fair to other teachers who do have QTS - experience and qualifications??. So I enquirer about gaining QTS and have been quoted fees ranging from £1950 to £3000 from a number of local universities. What's most galling is that when I spoke to one of these unis they felt that all I need to do is produce a portfolio, and they felt that all things considered I would be able to achieve this in 8-12weeks. So I have a choice to continue and be paid as an unqualified teacher or spend the money. All that said, the children and staff in the school are lovely, and although extreme workload I am enjoying secondary teaching. But I understand that this is not a mainstream secondary - a colleague who joined from mainstream says that she would never go back as the work conditions and load are unmanageable. Here, class sizes are small, marking is not onerous. But planning is very involved and takes up a huge amount of time.
    I know I've ranted on a bit, but I feel that it isn't a straight forward case of switching from one sector to another, and you would do well to weigh up as many factors as if foreseeable.
  3. ssaleh21

    ssaleh21 New commenter

    Thanks for the reply. I started teaching in FE at 22 and stayed for 2 years. I decided to go down to Secondary, because of the lack of processes at the college I was at. Also, the college was going through restructuring for the 3rd time in the period I was there. Lots of teachers were being fired/ made redundant/ or leaving. It was a tough time, and didn't feel it was secure for me.

    As I did my PGCE over those 2 years, I didn't gain my QTLS yet. A local secondary school took me on as a type of "NQT". I am now submitting my application for QTLS. I still get annoying senior leadership on my case, because I dont have QTS. I feel like I'm walking on egg shells around the building. I feel like my HoD is using the fact that I dont have QTS to use me as a scapegoat. I've had enough of feeling like this. I just need my QTLS so my pay can increase.

    Since I am still new to teaching in general, I feel I am being set up to fail. They're expecting me to be an outstanding teacher for the get go. From previous observations I've received nothing lower than a 2/good. Herr, they had concerns immediately. My students are progressing, I know I'm a good teacher. Do you have any advice on how I can deal with some of the comments that my condescending HoD keeps implying?

    Thank you.
  4. Jon_Gretzky

    Jon_Gretzky New commenter

    > Since I am still new to teaching in general, I feel I am being set up to fail.
    That's probably because you are.

    > Do you have any advice on how I can deal with some of the comments that my condescending HoD
    > keeps implying?

    Change jobs. Go somewhere where you're valued instead of abused.
    Not a small feat nowadays, though... I know. But keep trying, in the long run it will pay off.
  5. FrankWolley

    FrankWolley Star commenter

    Do you have any advice on how I can deal with some of the comments that my condescending HoD
    > keeps implying?

    If he/she is implying things, ask them to spell them out (the old email 'You said"....." today, could you please confirm my understanding of to to mean "....", Thank you') so you can be certain what is being asked...
  6. lou1208

    lou1208 New commenter

    Hi, I also did my PGCE in Adult and am working in secondary completing an NQT year. I don't Have QTLS and am struggling to get a DFE number for the local authority to register me. How are you getting your QTLS ?
  7. teselectronic

    teselectronic Occasional commenter

    Hi there, it will be to your advantage to achieve QTS (Secondary), I myself made the transition and found the training quite difficult, but rewarding. Is not pedagogy, the most important component of anyone's teaching techniques? I, like yourself, had issues, for example, people quoted "you don't need all your qualifications to teach in Secondary Education". I was also subjected to Tajfel's Social Identity Theory! To conclude, I ended up as HOF in a Secondary School and made a significant contribution! (I would suggest this was due to my QTS training). Please endeavour to do the same!
  8. ssaleh21

    ssaleh21 New commenter


    I actually signed up here to apply for my QTLS. Its quite easy to follow and upload documents as proof. I actually submitted my portfolio at the end of Feb this year. Just waiting on the results. Also this will provide some sort of number that will allow you to get paid on the same main scale.
  9. lou1208

    lou1208 New commenter

    Have you had to pay the £ 445 to get your QTLS ?
    Last year we could have signed up to IFL and paid a small amount but they shut them down.
  10. Dariddle211

    Dariddle211 New commenter

    I've done, FE to secondary and now back in FE. You need to be selective of the school. I know i'm a good teacher, however, I worked in a school with a history of poor teachers and management, this was reflected in the students behaviour.
    Find a school you'd feel comfortable in.
  11. CRoriston

    CRoriston New commenter

    I think it is really ridiculous that there is now a fee to obtain the QTLS - If like me you are a fully qualified a teacher with years of experience,; I already have a PGCE in the post 16 sector, a BA (Hons) English & History, MA , subject specialism and many other CPD accreditations . I have actually taught in Secondary Education as a supply teacher. £485 is what I have been quoted - paid in 2 instalments of £100 and £385. You don't pay for QTS - so why is there a fee for QTLS? What exactly will it show? Simply, that you can complete an online portfolio of evidence!! One can do that anyway - complete a portfolio and provide CPD evidence - they say it is the cost of marking - right - I would love to charge £485 for marking all the portfolios of work I have marked in the past. Why can't the portfolio be verified by the school/institution that one is employed by? This would make things much easier - then just a certificate or small fee for registration.
  12. jmurdoch045

    jmurdoch045 New commenter

    Hi, I have spent the last 2 years working in FE at the only college in the area; we received a call from a local secondary school (academy) for someone to teach child development/health and social care and I volunteered (due to having fewer hours than my colleagues). Since September I have been working between GCSE and FE teaching and am have since been offered full time teaching in the secondary school from September with the assessment only route towards QTS.

    Since the school have had six different teachers in this subject, I've been made to feel valued and the school seem to do anything to keep hold of me. Granted, I find FE more flexible/comfortable to work in but the challenges and rewards are greater in secondary. I doubt I will be saying this when I will be teaching subjects outside of my comfort zone, with languages being discussed due to a shortage.

    Without the opportunity to experience secondary teaching from FE, I wouldn't have considered it. I just hope I'm making the right move from September.
  13. blueskiesmev

    blueskiesmev New commenter

    This was a while ago now, did you make the right move? How did you get on?
  14. ssaleh21

    ssaleh21 New commenter

    Yes I stayed in secondary for 3 years, currently at a UTC.
    Pay went up with QTLS. No issues after I had "proven" myself to be a good teacher.
    No issues at the UTC or getting interviews.

    Thanks for asking

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