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from beginner to GCSE in 8 terms

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by ruthht, Jul 6, 2002.

  1. I've sent off information to everyone who wanted it: I hope it gave you food for thought?

    Have a good summer :)
  2. Hi Paul - just checked my email, and haven't received anything yet. Could you email me again? bijou63@hotmail.co.uk

    Cheers, and have a great summer.
  3. Bijou

    You have mail.
  4. cas123

    cas123 New commenter

  5. Thanks a lot, paul - picked that up now. Lots of food for thought. German is what I'm particularly interested in , as that's the one we have as an option in Y8, so I shall look forward to more info on that when it's ready, but I will be looking at French as well.
  6. Spanish is FL2 in our school, so I would also be very interested in receiving the info.


  7. cathy26_2001

    cathy26_2001 New commenter

    i would love to have more details about that please. my school has French up to KS4 but it would be a way of opening up As/A2 in Year 10/11

    my email adress is cathy26_2001@yahoo.co.uk

    many thanks

  8. Could I have that info, too please?

    Thank you (kenniblue@yahoo.de)

  9. kec974

    kec974 New commenter

    Another bandwagonjumper, I'm afraid. Could you mail me too, please, Paul?
    Thank you!
  10. Hi Paul,
    I'm also interested in finding out about your teaching methods, would you mind sending me a copy please ?
    Thanks in advance (clabole at hotmail dot com).

  11. Hi guys,

    I've forwarded the details of my project to all who requested now. Please DO drop me an email if you have any queries - I always reply.

  12. kinglard

    kinglard New commenter

  13. Hi crocus & wood,

    I'm afraid that I can't help you here. [:-/]

    The important work is done at KS3 (or possibly a stripped down version in the first term of KS4 for ab initio groups). I'm happy to send you details but for the groups you refer to in your post I fear that it's too late to help.

    Regarding your post wood15 it really beggars belief. How can a class have three years of French yet still be unaware of the extreme basics? People talk of 'teaching & learning' but in this sad case it seems no learning has taken place, which implies problems with the teaching.

    If you still want details of my course please let me know.
  14. cas123

    cas123 New commenter

  15. That sounds really interesting. Could you please tell me more about it? thanks.
  16. Hi there Paul - just caught up with this....just started as HOD here and looking at interesting strategies/ alternatives etc etc. Your course/project looks really stimulating.....please can I ask for details??



  17. Hello Paul,

    I have just started teaching and after a disappointing end of unit test from my year 10 I am keen to learn more about your course. Is it possible you could also forward me further information. I would really appreciate it.

    My email address is i.c.parchment@talk21.com

    Thank you so much
  18. Hi guys,

    You both have mail!

    Hope all is well,


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