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From assistant to a teacher

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by nusa_bandur, Oct 7, 2018.

  1. nusa_bandur

    nusa_bandur New commenter

    Hello everyone,
    I come from a small country in Europe, where I studied Primary Education and finished with a BA. I have a QTS but no experience in teaching. At the moment I'm working as a Teaching Assistant but would like to transition to a full teaching position as soon as possible.
    Any suggestions?
    My English is quite good (C1 level), but I can see I need some phonics training which the school I'm working at will provide for me. Would you suggest any other training/course that could improve my chances?

    Thank you,
  2. almanubrio

    almanubrio New commenter

    Hi Nusa.
    I would like to share my experience as EU teacher.
    After being a TA (with QTS) for about 7 months, the school promoted me and I started to cover some lessons, which was key to gain experience and get deeper into the education system understanding. After about half a year covering I decided I was ready to jump into teaching! So I started to apply for it. My 'trick' was to apply in November, because there are fewer people looking for a job at that point of the academic year, and to avoid phonics issues I went for KS2 positions. I was hired in my first interview!

    Everything I can say is GO FOR IT. Your first job as a teacher may not be at an ideal school but once you are inside will be easier to move on!

    Hope this post doesn't arrive to late. Would love to hear your experience! xx

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