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Friendship in Bristol

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ff392, May 15, 2011.

  1. There are many threads about many of us finding ourselves "single" again - all my friends are married and are friends of both myself and my ex. Yes they invite me out but I feel awkward.
    No-one at school I'd want to say "fancy coming to the cinema?" and wondered is there anyone aged 40 plus who lives near BS15 area who likes going to the cinema!!!!

  2. Thank you. Do you know anything about these groups ?
  3. You might also like this website http://bristol.citysocialising.com/home.html
  4. No,not these particular ones but others more local to me (and not found via FB). I've been surprised by how many ordinary people there are out there who are interested in meeting new friends. I suppose it's a function of our society - more people move for work and need to start making friends. In my case I didn't move, but a couple of my closest friends have moved away over the last year or so and I found myself a bit abandoned. Plus of course just people looking for something new, someone with whom they have something in common.
    Good luck, I'm quite new to it and am really enjoying meeting new people, no strings attached.
  5. Can see a place for such groups but think more after some single friends for less organised activities ! Will look though . Thanks.
  6. That's the thing though, if you go to meet a few people in a group first, you might find you click with one or two who fancy the cinema etc. it's a place to start.
  7. That's true , never thought of it like that !
  8. I never imagined doing anything like it but have so far enjoyed my meetings - there may be a lot of 'group members' but usually only 5 or 6 at any one time. It's early days for me but I can see at least one future good friend. And it's made me feel far more positive too. Give it a try at least.

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