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Friendly year 2 teachers!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by PenguinSmall, Mar 16, 2011.

  1. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    I'm a year 2 teacher in a one form entry school. I'm hoping there are some year 2 teachers out there who would have a little time to share thoughts, ideas, troubles, etc!
    Hope to hear from some of you soon.
    Thanks :)
  2. If you ever want to PM me for support/thought sharing etc then you are more than welcome.
    Am in a very big school (Yr 2) but used to teach single form entry so I feel your pain!
  3. ballerina

    ballerina New commenter

    Feel free to ask anytime! Also Yr 2 one form entry
    B [​IMG]
  4. I do a year 2 class share in a 1 form entry :eek:)
  5. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    THANK YOU! So lovely to see replies [​IMG] I would love to be able to chat, share thoughts will you all. I've inbox messaged. Would be great to have a group of year 2 teachers to chat to.
    Thanks again [​IMG]
  6. Count me in ... I'm happy to help if I can x
  7. I'm back in Y2 after many years in KS2 and I'm loving it once again. Ours is also a one class entry.
  8. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    We could do with setting up a small group so we can ALL chat together :) Not sure how?
  9. Hi,
    I am a year 2 teacher also in a one form entry school. Its my first year in year 2 so am more than happy to chat and share ideas etc
    Hope to hear from you soon
  10. PenguinSmall

    PenguinSmall New commenter

    Thank you :)

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