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Fridays For Future: Will record breaking climate protests spark change? | DW News

Discussion in 'Geography' started by AndrewvanZyl, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. AndrewvanZyl

    AndrewvanZyl Occasional commenter

    Millons of people around the world are gathering to join Greta Thunberg and the "Fridays For Future" climate strikes today. They want their governments to take more action on climate protection ahead of a key UN summit next week. Australia hosted some of today's first mass rallies with similar protests expected to unfold across some 150 countries in the hours ahead. The demonstrations are being held with activist Greta Thunberg's "Fridays for Future" movement, which invites young people to stage school strikes for the climate. Fridays for Future activist Clara Mayer joins us in the DW studio to talk about climate change and the protest movement.

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