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Friday night (****) poetry corner for the very very bored.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jacob, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. I'd send a couplet and be blunt
    Offensive words prove me a cvnt.
  2. Good evening, dear folk
    I thought I'd send you a joke
    But my sense of humour has just died
    And my witty brain is seriously fried
    So before I get pie-eyed
    I'll send you one of my big wide ...

    smiles! :)
  3. Is that a bird I see ahead of me?
    Or a dragon the hue of frozen peas?
    Or have a spilt my tea once more
    Across my screen and on the floor?
  4. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    I started this some time ago
    While bored upon a Friday
    Well at the time, you see dear folks
    Things weren't quite going my way.
    A lot of water now has passed
    Beneath those arches spanning
    I've found a woman worthy of
    More than a cursory scanning.
    Indeed, I'd have to say, at least
    She fits the bill quite nicely
    Olympics in the bedroom zone
    Can often get quite spicey!
    The moral of this tale you know
    When starting threads a plenty
    Is that there are but few I fear
    That ever get past twenty!
    (Can we do 1000?)
  5. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    This Friday fine, by half past nine,
    For inspiring me poetic
    A prize there is, but not a quiz,
    For those who aren't pathetic.
    This day will reach, just like a peach
    The thousand posts I wanted,
    It took a while, to make me smile,
    This forum I have haunted.
  6. happyhopey

    happyhopey New commenter

    twas christmas time on the website
    with everyone worn out
    Not even Beckham in a thong
    would make me want to shout

    a term of coughing, and meeting targets
    have left me like a wreck
    I am so haggered tired and ill
    I'd turn my back on Beck

    But one thing has me invigerated
    One thing has me inspired
    The thought that we will make 1000posts
    has made me much less tired

  7. happyhopey

    happyhopey New commenter

    Have I done it?
    Is it me?
    I suppose I will have to wait and see!
  8. happyhopey

    happyhopey New commenter

  9. My ****, my ****, they've stole my truck!
  10. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

  11. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    I have a life, thanks,
    So why am I here?
    Is that too philosophical,
    Or just rather queer?

    Half way through your hols,
    (But not us in FE)
    Cos we all got **** on
    In 1993!
  12. Friday night Jacob's here again,
    To recapture our imagination, maybe then,
    He'll leave us hanging on the thread
    Until it's past our time for bed.

    Awaiting for another post,
    Of lyrical wonderings of his most
    Poetic, sublime and often rhyming
    Is it me or have i lost my timing??

    So here we all are, digesting this sh1t
    Reading the poem that i just writ
    Good evening to you everyone
    Thats it, ta-ta, cuz now I'm done.

  13. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Its friday night
    And now its nine
    So what that means?
    Its Torchwood time!
  14. Friday night I know it's not,

    The poet in me just can't stop.

    A thousand posts we can again create.

    So Jacob can remain in a happy state.
  15. Poetry I just can't do

    It makes me want to have a poo

    But still I'll try a bit

    Even though I know its.... rubbish
  16. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Its Boxing Night

    The TV's sh!te!

    And this is re-invented,

    I got some sock,

    and in a box

    Some stuff that's nicely scented.

    Upon TV

    There is no Wii

    Just films of garbage words

    For it was said

    By him long dead

    You cannot polish turds!

  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Please don't be so sad and sorry. You can watch an hour of Corrie!
  18. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Into my eyes, I'd rather poke

    rRd hot pokers for a joke

    Than ever to be made to see

    An hour of Corrie on my TV!
  19. Corrie, Eastenders, Hollyoaks
    Soaps are for girlies not for blokes.
    'cept i'm a girly and hate them all
    I'd rather stare at a drying wall!

    Friday night telly is really grim
    To bare it all I need a gin!
    Old sit coms, films and tripe galore
    Am I the only one who's bored?

  20. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Don't bare it all! You might get cold.

    I'm not a girlie. I'm quite old.


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