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Friday night (****) poetry corner for the very very bored.

Discussion in 'Personal' started by jacob, Jun 24, 2005.

  1. You feel like a pile of poo, you say?
    So sorry you should feel this way.
    Phone in sick, don't fight the fight,
    after all, it's Friday night!
  2. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    Indeed two days I've had off sick
    With nowt to do but play with stuff
    The students will have missed my wit
    While I have sat upon my chuff!
  3. fishandchips

    fishandchips New commenter


    I knows just how you feel,
    For I am poorly too,
    I have got the flu
    And sickness coupled with poo.

    My throat is coated with glass,
    Several days I've missed my class,
    But I don't want to go back,
    Cos school stinks like my bum crack.

  4. cinderellyfaerie

    cinderellyfaerie New commenter

    Sick was i all of last week,
    crying and sniffing and dribbling spit
    not a pretty sight, i hear you cry
    but i cured it with antibiotics the size of sepositri
  5. So this week we had Ofsted
    And it gave me one big aching head
    But now it's Friday night
    So I don't care about our plight.
    I will forget the numbers and targets
    I will forget the children, poor pets,
    And instead I will go out with my mates
    And insist that we celebrate.
  6. Hope you have a lot of fun,
    and don't down the spirits one by one,
    but glug away
    and get real peed
    Because it's now the weekend, see?
  7. Thanks for the permission to get peed
    Perhaps you need to take the lead
    Have a glass before I go
    To where the wine will freely flow.
  8. I may just do exactly that
    and end up lying on my back
    whilst upper class both sigh and tut
    to see me in my drunken rut.
  9. Oooh sigh and oooh tut
    What a naughty drunken sl*t!
    I'm trying hard to be a toff
    Before I have to f right off!
  10. sitting home on my todd
    which of late is rather odd
    my lovely man is out with a mate
    and will not be back til very late
    I'll play with friends on TES
    and then get some much needed rest
    so tomorrow I'll be full of vim
    when my man comes round again.
  11. byronipuss

    byronipuss New commenter

    I love Friday nights, but they do not last
    And, once gone, the weekend rushes past
    Marking, planning . . . cleaning, shopping . .
    Then back to work without really stopping.

    Where have all the flowers gone?
    Ours have all been trampled on
    But then, waht else can we expect?
    The kids today have no respect.
  12. Its Friday the deep sad sigh day
    Tearful brimming no dry eye day
    The teachers groan as they go home
    For many hours they?ll be alone
    Or alone at least from kids and working
    The planning marking never shirking.
    So they try to pass idle hours away
    Till they can get up early Monday.

    That evening they drink some wine
    either in or out to pass the time
    And late to bed after a supper
    So the morning hours they can scupper
    With a pillow hugging lie in
    Get up to a full breakfast frying.

    Thank full the Saturday papers breed
    More separate sections we can read
    And so by this and that device
    The morning passes by quite nice

    The afternoon can stretch away
    So we go shopping for the day
    As round the department store we glide
    The shadows lengthen long outside

    Most employ an idea that?s a winner
    And go or have folk round to dinner
    The food distracts the wine placate
    Our aching longing that must wait

    Sunday side the morning safe to savour
    Even more thicker sections in the paper
    And if now pensive of the waste
    We bundle up warm and out we haste
    To stride along over grass and bank
    Not long now our gods we thank

    The evening prayers real or on the telly
    Lead use safely to evening reveille

    We rush up stairs to get to sleep
    And let the darkness safely keep
    Us on our time journey through the night
    Till we wake up in morning bright
    Oh the boon of that awakening
    When work once again is beckoning
    A place we can be of use and needed
    The knowledge patch ever weeded.
    Oh bliss oh joy oh jubilation
    As we be briefcased rush to the station
    Or car or bike or even walk
    AT last we feel its safe to talk
    of how so soon we will be back
    at that old chalkface that weekend lack.

    So another weekend wasted
    By guile and slyness its time?s abated.

    ( If you think my poem Byronic
    your wrong cos I am being ironic.)

  13. Friday night - just stuffed my face
    with massive big Chinese
    Then tried to get a glass of wine
    But fell and hurt my knees
    And so I think it's safer if I stay
    Here on my butt
    To nurse my pain
    And slowly gain
    More inches on my gut

  14. I'm out my rut.
    I'm now in charge
    Chaos looms large.
    I live to plan
    They've noticed my gnat's attention span.
  15. friday night and drink is here
    no cheap rubbish just bud beer
    gulping down me neck as fast as i can
    sod the pub i have more than one can
    40 of em to be exact
    and it saves me bumping into prats
    no drunk ole whino no drunk old gits
    well only me if i have to admit
    but i am lovely im a star
    who cant be ars*d to stand at a bar
    waiting to be served dying of thirst
    when at home i can drink until my bladder does burst
  16. h01y

    h01y New commenter

    Happy Star Wars Day
    Drink the night away!
  17. There once was a girl called Pip
    Who took a rather large sip
    The vodka was strong
    her trousers too long
    and down the stairs she did trip.
  18. Am going to try and get some sleep now
    Okay you whispered, sweet dreams
    Your expression hung before unfolding itself over me like the softest of blankets
    And I slept
  19. The weekend is here
    with its promise of fun
    Two days to drink beer
    and enjoy the sun.

    But its looking like rain
    And my man is away
    My head is in pain
    So in bed I will stay

  20. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    When them ofsted ******* land on us on monday
    It certainly won't be a fun day
    There are things I would rather do
    Like poke out my eyes with a screw!

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