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Friday Afternoons!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tes1resources, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Friday afternoons have turned in to a real struggle in my Y2 class- they are always so tired by this time and concentration is low. What could I do that would keep them busy and interested? It also has to be manageable for me, as I am on my own with the whole class. I was hoping to come up with something that they would always look forward to doing on a Friday afternoom- something we could continue each week. Any ideas? Suggestions? What works well for you? Please help- last Friday was a total nightmare!!!
  2. We have golden time on a friday afternoon. The children enjoy it, I get time to get more individual reading time done and it is used as part of the behaviour management scheme.
  3. Have Year 2 as well, we have 2 hours on a Fri - do Book Look where they look at some of their books, respond to marking, look for hiddne house points!
    Do Home Work - look at last week's open ended task and set more.
    Half an hour free time / finishing off then ready for home before 3pm assembly.
    But yes tired and had enough on Fri afternoon ( and that's just me!!)

  4. We have our PPA[​IMG]
  5. I do Golden Time too. My children are also tired by this time but always look forward to Golden time. We have 2 hours...for the 1st hour Children spend time looking through their books independently..finishing any colouring/writing/maths off and responding to marking (I often include a questions in the marking e.g Can you change these words to plurals? for phonics marking) and these need responses. While the children are doing this my TA sorts all homewrk and reading books, any leters to go home and them does individual readers if there is time. I try to listen to readers and do any other tasks that need doing (speakig to a child/group of children about something they havnt understood that week. Children who complete everything to a high standard (all book sup to date, self evaluations done, colouring complete, work checked for errors, and marking looked at get to choose a maths/phonics/theme game or look at theme based books.
    The children enjoy this time as I let them sit with friends if they have had a good week. They know they need to work just as hard during this time as once playtime arrives those who have finished get to go out and not come back in until hometime if they wish (if the weather is bad the games and toys come out or they get to choose a DVD (rarely)).
    Right at the end of the day (last 10 mins) I do prizes - raffle tickets, readers and homework, ad give out any certificates for any good behaviour/good work that week. while I do this the TA sets out reading books and homework.letters in childens individual places so that I can say good bye have a good weekend and off you go! Children put chairs up collect anything intheor place and get ready to go. Very structured and works well though can be boisterous and loud at times.


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