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French refresher course

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by rigadon24, May 11, 2011.

  1. Oh come on, get over yourselves. Key Stage 3 is nothing - it's VERY easy! And I am assuming by the comment of lower ability GCSE, that they will not be reaching more than E/Ds at the most in their exam anyway - and that is not underestimating the kids!
    In addition to this, I believe that the person who originally posted woould appreciate some support or guidance of how to improve their weaker language - not get an ear bashing. I am also certain that the person's department are fully confident that he/she is capable in performing what is expected of them... which is evidenced here by asking for advice!!!!!!
    It outrages me at the arrogance of some people, no wonder the kids don't want to learn languages. And 'It will only get worse with the Ebacc'... make your mind up! Do you want languages compulsory or do you want dribs and drabs and handfuls doing it? Can't do right for doing wrong...
    You're supposed to be pleased that yet another MFL teacher has got a job and is keen and eager to show how much fun MFL can be!
    As for advising said person, I would recommend checking out local colleges to see if they run evening courses to boost your confidence, failing that OU do run courses... alternatively - get yourself some coursebooks, read novels, watch films in the FL and go on holiday there as often as you can - ask a colleague to help you or to mark essays etc and then sit the AS yourself when you're ready in school. I taught a group of GCSE French at Key Stage 4 and they got themselves As and Bs. At 16, I managed a GCSE B grade and then my A Level was a disaster... But after a booster course, self teaching and support from my colleagues I am up to scratch. I would never claim that my French is as good as those who have degrees etc... but I know that the French I teach is accurate and correct - and I ALWAYS double check any doubts with colleagues.
  2. It is n't very easy to confidently teach at any level if you are under qualified. I have been put in that situation myself. It is being unambitious at the very least for the students.
    It will only get worse in the sense that more under qualified teachers will be used. I welcome the ebacc. If this person is well qualified to teach Spanish that is what they should be doing. It is a very silly situation if you think about it.
    I believe that MFL should be as widely taught as possible for as long as possible by properly qualified teachers. I am not greatly exercised as to which language. In fact I believe there should be much less chopping and changing between languages and a concentration on creating a solid foundation in one MFL.
    Right so GCSE is not such a great qualification for teaching a subject.

    To the OP I would say that as a linguist you know how to learn a language. You know that for listening and speaking there is no substitute for being in the country and being emersed in the language and culture. That takes time which is your problem. The reading and writing can be self taught.
  3. I'm shocked that someone asking for help has been ripped to shreds! How unfair that someone intent on improving their language skills to enable them to be a better teacher has been so harshly criticised. As it stands, anyone with a GCSE in a subject is lawfully able to teach KS3, an A level allows you to teach KS4, and a degree, A levels and the equivalent. I have seen countless examples of people teaching subjects they did not do a degree in, but have enough knowledge to teach at that level. Whilst it's often a cost-cutting measure, it can also be to fully explore the potential of that teacher, or due to timetable constraints.

    I would just like to finish by saying that I hope the OP finds a course and ignores the criticism.
  4. But how is criticising the situation helping them find the course they need?? They didn't ask for your opinion, just some advice!!
  5. That has been supplied by others. This is a forum for discussion. Some of us obviously felt that the situation is wrong and should be aired. Do you believe that entrusting classes to underqualified teachers is a trend to be encouraged? How will that raise standards in MFL?
    I hope that the OP is a willing participant in this and not just agreeing because they feel they have to. It is wrong to be put in that situation. I just wish that when it happened to me I had stood up for myself. I did not because I dare n't.

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