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French GCSE results AQA Summer 2011

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by cassiopee, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Anybody had writing re-marks back? We asked for a re-moderation of our speaking AND a re-mark of a sample of our writings, and we are still waiting to hear the outcome. It has been almost 3 weeks since we sent it all off.
  2. we sent 21 back and 18 went up (writing) by between 4 and 12 marks. Still don't agree with the revised marks in some cases, especially those where the overall grade would have moved up from B to A, which appear to have been raised just enough so that the overall grade does not move up. The 3 which did not change were all cases where the pupils were 1 UMS point off an A overall, so moving them up would have changed the B to an A. Each of these pieces were at least 300 words long, highly accurate, had opinions reasons and justification, 4 tenses, but were kept as a B. Dodgy with a capital D.
  3. Hi we were also completely shocked about our writing marks particularly. We had the lowest French rresults for years and yet are recognised as a very successful MFL department. Due to cost implication we had only 7 CA writing papers remarked and all come back from the board with none of them moved up to a higher grade. One was marked up by 3 ums marks, which did not make a difference to the grade and one was lowered by 3 UMS marks, also not making a difference to the grade. I shall do what others have indicated already and post an official complaint to AQA. Just need an hour or so to actually get a decent letter written up. By the way our speaking marks were not altered so we must be doing at least something right.

  4. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    We have had 13 re-marks, 11 of which went up, mostly by 2 or 3 UMS, one by 6 UMS. They are still low and I don't trust the grades. One student went up a grade. My top setters were producing stuff similar to the best exemplar material on the AQA web site and not getting 28/30. My top sets used to get 25-30 A* grades. This year: 11.
  5. There is something wrong in languages marking land. Please look at the ISMLA website and please find the time to fill in the surveys which you will find on the right hand side. You do NOT have to be an Independent School to fill it in!!!


    last point ... there are some very inexperienced as well as experienced markers I am sure. When they get it WRONG however it is not just a question of marks for the sake of marks, a wrong grade unfairly awarded can truly shake a pupils confidence at best and cost them a University Place at worst.

    We have just had some scripts remarked at our school for RS and Music and in both cases the pupils went up by two grade boundaries. How strange that this does not happen in MFL.

    Julia Whyte
  6. We got our remoderation of speaking back today - quelle surprise - all 56 candidates got exactly the same marks as the ones awarded in August!
    We also got back some of the writing re-marks we requested - some stayed the same, others went up but only by a few UMS - no grade changes at all.

    I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sick of this utter farce.
  7. If any of you reading this are fortunate enough to be among those whose pupils DID achieve their target grades, would you please consider sharing your tips for success with the rest of us? Because, despite the slight reassurance of knowing I'm not alone in having the worst results and lowest residuals in school, we have another cohort of Year 11 pupils about to complete another CA Writing. We as a department don't know what to do differently and don't want to set up this year's groups - or next year's to fail again. I also need to know that I can offer Year 9 pupils a reasonable chance of a decent grade at GCSE if they opt for MFL. Even if the CA is changed, is it likely the markers/marking will change too? Help, please!
  8. noemie

    noemie Occasional commenter

    Hi, our students got their expected grades but I put it down entirely to having a decent examiner. I'll spend some time at the weekend typing up a few examples (French AQA) and upload them on the resources so you can see that they are no different than yours probably, just dependent on your examiner's mood that day.
    I wish there was a way of grading your examiner and requesting the same one the next year, that's the only thing that would reassure me at this time...
  9. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    Someone posted soem official examiner notes on mflresourecs. It is tough to get an A* on Unit 4. Great accuracy and outstansing content needed. It is harder than it used to be to get a top grade. I am going to focus on opinions and justifications and decent length of answer. Total relevance to title is vital.
    The mark scheme is harsher than the old coursework one. I bet that was ***-up rather than design.
  10. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    By the way, without stirring up any more bad will towards AQA, the pupils in my class last year who achieved top UMS marks completed extremely accurate work. One example of work which I had expected to achieve higher (although he still got an A*), had numerous simple mistakes in it. Also, tenses were sound. All candidates in the A* band had examples of 'justifying opinions' all the way through their work. Also, their work was relevant to the writing titles.
  11. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    I must apologise for the appalling typing in my last post!
    Why do exam boards get so hung up about opinions and points of view?
  12. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    Also the *** makes my post look worse than it was.
  13. I would like to say that, as a marker for French writing, I was not happy either! There was no examiners' meeting (first year of a new spec with full entry!), many of us had been transferred from the old coursework without being properly prepared - in my opinion - and there was some inconsistency for example one of the online standardising pieces had the title of A Day Out which was deemed to be worth full marks despite the candidate writing about a birthday spent at home and there was not even a hint of leaving the house! We could select our own samples for the team leader to see, unlike in the pre-coursework days when I gather everything was sent to AQA for random sampling. This sample was returned without comment. My team leader was helpful and patient but I sensed they shared my frustration... the markers didn't have much guidance other than that which is available publicly. It would have been very helpful to have been able to write ticks and other symbols on the scripts, but we were told not to.
    I have had my feedback, apparently I was consistently accurate, so I was quite dismayed to learn that, having carefully selected what I thought were sure bets for favourable re-marks from my own school, the results came back with only insignificant changes, with no grade changes.
    After a long and hitherto happy association with AQA, as a marker and a teacher, I am sorry to say that I think things went terribly wrong this year and I hope they are monitoring these posts and that they will put things right. My HoD intends speaking up long and loud at the feedback meetings and I hope others will do the same.
  14. Am not sure which Board you do? We do OCR and I have to say, for once, and despite all my misgivings about CA we actually were relieved to do well. Having always done the terminal writing exam we really felt cut adrift and were dreading a drop in hitherto excellent results.
    However one thing we did NOT do was give CAs throughout the yearr. We waited until the Spring Term and then spent the last half (up to the end of the term) doing everything and this is exactly what we will do again. I really think the pupils will do better at the end of year 11 and so my advice would be to do this. Sorry if others feel this is wrong: it is what works for us. Interestingly in another language at the school and different board the teacher wanted to spread the tasks and was not altogether pleased with the results.
    I would also add this. The pupils themselves preferred it as they knew it was to all intents and purposes the real thing. We left them in no doubt that it was all or nothing and they responded.
    Good luck.
    Julia Whyte
  15. Hi
    I would be really grateful if you could let me know how to find the examiners notes in resources.I am HOD at a school in York and we have experienced the same as you - shocking writing marks, most pupils two grades lower than we predicted. We have had about a third of our papers remarked with only two for German going up a grade. We have had nothing back for French yet. I have written a letter of complaint to AQA and have had a very un helpful reply. I will be writing to QCA when all of my remarks are back.
  16. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    Thank you, inseine, for expressing your views in public. It's a worrying picture.
  17. I've just had a look at this forum. We feel exactly the same in our centre, for both French & Spanish GCSE. We went to courses last year and followed intructions when marking the speaking CA. The comments we got back said we marked some candidates too high for communication when they had made too many mistakes. I thought this came under accuracy!
    When looking closely at the marks, especially for a few candidates (got a C, were predicted A) I realised they had either not copied the right marks (lower of course) of forgotten 1 CA mark (writing) completely. All those candidates' grades went up but I don't believe it's my job to check marks and paperwork when people are getting paid by AQA to do this. We didn't ask for any remarks of their written CA, but after reading all the post, I wish I had.
    I do feel better after looking at all the post as I have to answer many questions about our results.
    We've had similar problems with AS exams with AQA. We asked for a remark for one really gifted candidate last year (Spanish) who sat his exam in January, because he is that good. He got a B, we asked for his paper back, asked colleagues from different schools to marks his writing, and everyone agreed he deserved an A. After a remark, he did get an A but this is causing a lot of extra work, stress & time. This particular student has told us he has very little faith in exam boards, expecially AQA. Any similar experiences with A level?
    Is AQA just trying to make money from schools as we have to pay for remarks etc????

  18. I posted on this thread about a month ago, just before we sent for re-marks.
    We have most of our remarks back and they have all been moved up, but only just slighty so that it only reflects on the grade of one of the candidates.
    It is shocking to see that we would be charged for remarks when in effect all the marks have been changed but not enough. AQA have been very clever because the changes are just not enough for the rest of the cohort to be affected (50% at 5% or more).
    I am still completely disheartned about all of this and completely at a loss about what we should do in the future.
    I sent a complaint letter to AQA, but I only got a standard letter back which made no difference and did not answer any of my questions. In fact they even boasted about excellent results in writing this year!!!!
    Letter to Ofqual is my next task.
    Would the TES not be interested in investigating this issue to write an informative article?
    as it seems that AQA is refusing to admit to any kind of problem at all.....
    The number of unhappy customers is impressive and the extent of the shambles is commendable so surely that would be of some interest to see if an article would get AQA to move from their position..
    Is that a silly idea?

  19. spsmith45

    spsmith45 New commenter

    Hello l p a. Looks like your examiner was more generous than ours. Only one A* in Unit 4 at a grammar school. Our ERA showed we were below the average for all centres. 15 remarks, with 12 of them going up by on average about 3 or 4 UMS. Still don't trust the marking. Congratulations on your good grades btw.
  20. Hello spsmith. I agree that our marker must have been more generous than yours. Although we had an excellent cohort of students at the top end,we are just an ordinary comprehensive.and is not logical for our performance to be above that of all AQA centres on ERA. I have yet to receive the students' work back from the exam board but when I do I am happy to send you a copy of a couple of A* pieces if you are interested.
    There has been so much said about the marking this year that I am still uneasy about next year's exams and getting landed with an "ungenerous" marker.

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