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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by MILLBROOKLINDA, May 17, 2011.

  1. What did your students think about the Edexcel GCSE French Higher Tier Listening exam? Most ours found it really difficult.
    On the other hand, the 2010 paper seemed to have been easy - students generally did well in this, even though they were only in Year 10 and had therefore not covered all the content.
    We've just changed to Edexcel from AQA and hope we haven't made a mistake ... !
  2. see thread from yesterday
  3. The French was lovely and clear but the questions seemed designed to catch them out. I am going to complain to the exam board about question 3 where they had to know not only the names of French cinemas(Gaumont etc.) but also to remember which one went with which picture, a totally unfair question. I know they will say it will be reflected in the grade boundaries but that doesn't help us when the students think they have failed, and then choose not to do A level!
  4. lasketchup

    lasketchup New commenter

    I'm yet to see and hear it, but some students said it was difficult.
    Names of cinemas? ***....
  5. Totally agree! The cinema question was horrible. Is a park bench on the Edexcel list of vocab?
  6. The cinema/film question was totally unfair. I had trained my kids to listen out for le A, le B etc as in the sample assessment material. To mention the names of the cinema was totally unreasonable in my opinion. As for the park bench, no comment. Come on Edexcel, after all the trauma with controlled assessment you have to do this to us as well.
  7. Thank goodness it's not just me! I couldn't do the cinema question because I'd forgotten what was on at the Gaumont. I haven't taught the word for park bench and ski instructor. I agree, every single red herring was mentioned with the result that some of mine have got them all wrong. I feel terrible for them after all their effot. My native speaker said it was hard, and they were struggling to answer the last one when the tape ended.
  8. ff


    It was rubbish!!!!
    My pupils worked soooo hard for this paper. We did the 2 specimen papers available on Edexcel website as well as the 2010 paper....they all had top grade....therefore I was expecting my pupils to come out of the exam very happy but I was heartbroken and totally shocked when they told me they found it hard!! This paper has knocked down their confidence, I am dreading tomorrow'sreading paper:(
    Quel catastrophe!!!
  9. Who do you write to exactly?
  10. eljefeb90

    eljefeb90 Senior commenter

    Entirely agree!! Not a fair test-it set out to bamboozle rather than to test knowledge. We're complaining too! A negative experience for our students and a ***-up by Edexcel.
  11. (Fuller message) Your feedback is important. I can confirm that Edexcel and the Senior Examiners will be investigating the queries raised in this post at the Standardisation Meeting and at a forthcoming awarding committee meeting. The Senior Examiners will also review the responses by candidates throughout the marking period. At the awarding meeting both the responses and statistical evidence will be considered to ensure that this question has been reviewed thoroughly. The Examiner's report, which will be published on the Edexcel website following results day, will refer to key concerns that have been raised during the June 2011 assessment. If you wish to feed back your concerns direct to Edexcel about a specific languages question paper, please contact us. You can use the languages@edexcel.com email address (or complaints@edexcel.com if you wish to make a formal complaint). Subject Advisor Languages (Edexcel)
  12. Persopolis

    Persopolis New commenter

    I must admit our students found the listening (higher) very difficult this year. We had practised all Edexcel papers available, and some from other boards. They were getting really high marks, so I was disappointed when I listened to this year's paper. I hope that Edexcel listens to the comments made by my colleagues and myself and adjust their grade boundaries accordingly.

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