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French classroom labels

Discussion in 'Primary' started by LadyGeorgie, May 31, 2008.

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a set of downloadable classroom labels in French? I'm a new MFL co-ordinator trying to get our school up and running on it and I'm looking for labels that can be put around the classroom for pretty much anything - clock, window, books, computer etc - I have a budget so I don't mind if its something I have to buy as long as I can download!

    In the interest of sharing these are a couple of useful websites for languages especially French:
  2. runaway

    runaway New commenter

    I've an idea jog_on was making some of these labels at the start of the year, meanwhile you might want to try:
    (though that might be labels in spanish)

    also these are good and free:
    (Online game - join the instructions to the pictures and hear the phrases read aloud in French)

    (Listen to the cartoon character - Boowa - tell you which objects (and how many) the teacher wants you to tidy away - drag'n'drop them to the drawer on screen)

    You can download French classroom posters and labels from InstantDisplay http://www.instantdisplay.co.uk/free.htm

    and the mfl yahooresources group might have something it's worth posting a message even if you can't find what you want online as lots of people will email their resources to you directly http://mflresources.org.uk/

    also lots of freebies on the Staffs website https://education.staffordshire.gov.uk/Curriculum/Subjectareas/ModernForeignLanguages/PrimaryLanguages/Resources/PMFLStaffsQCAFr.htm

    I have some labels for days of the week in French if you'd like me to email a copy / put them on resources?
  3. Oooh lovely - lots of stuff for me to play with, thank you!

    I already have lots of flashcards etc, I'm more looking for general labels as I'm aiming for immersion on the language as well as teaching it! I'll have a good look through all of your links.
  4. runaway

    runaway New commenter

    I like those - but some very strange French! There is no indication of gender and a couple are wrong.
  5. jog_on

    jog_on New commenter

    Yeah, I was going to make some drawer labels for French, but never got around to it. In fact, most of my MFL freebies fell by the way side as I just haven't had any time...strange that!?! Will try and get some done over the summer hols (no promises this time though - sorry for letting others down last time!).
  6. iceni

    iceni New commenter

  7. funambule

    funambule New commenter

    Sorry to say runaway is right Alibea. They need le,la, les etc. The one that really puzzles me is `bank'- can you tell me what that is?
    Hope this doesn't sound rude; you often find mistakes in books etc. from major publishers who should know better seeing as they have access to proof readers. I think that, as Primary languages is still getting going, we should let them know when this happens otherwise errors become self-perpetuating.
  8. Poppy1978

    Poppy1978 New commenter

  9. wicked witch

    wicked witch New commenter

    This may not be any help at all but I've got some classroom labels that I downloaded a couple of years ago, window, door,computer etc. I can't remember where they were from but I'm fairly sure it was the same site I got the Simpsons target cards from. It was linked to a blog of some description but I haven't got the link saved any more. Does any one remember it?
  10. I just did a google search & the site popped up, just trying to help!!! Hope it helped someone - as for any errors apologies but please don't shoot the messenger.


    ducks head under the parapit!
  11. runaway

    runaway New commenter

    No-one is blaming you Alibea! There are a few 'rogue' worksheets out there on T'Internet. It happens in every subject!
  12. I just created a set of French classroom labels and posted them on TES Resources. 'French Classroom Labels'...enjoy :)

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