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freeze on rising up the pay scales?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by inthedark, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. My husband (a teacher) was told in a staff meeting that along with the general pay freeze this will be happening soon, but I am unclear as to whether this is school-directed or nationwide. He thinks it's a government initiative but I can't see anything about it online or on the union pages and teacher friends have given mixed messages too. What is happening?
  2. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Suggest you look more carefully at the union web sites.[​IMG]
    Try putting Public Sector pay freeze into your search engine.[​IMG]
  3. As I understand it, at present, the "pay freeze" applies only to cost of living rises and not movements up the pay scale.
  4. You are quite correct, to date, there has been no change to pay and conditions, therefore, we must assume that pay scale progression will continue as per.
    I'm sure if any suggestion that a progression freeze would be imposed had been put forward the teaching profession would have risen as one. No doubt the Mail and Express "our friends and allies" would be championing any form of cap to the "gold plated salaries" of a bloated and failing profession........They have been focusing there educational bile towards Ms (Dame) Suzie Leather of late, claiming that she is single handedly trying to eradicate private education by imposing huge costs connected with charitable status........so we can further assume that no Gov. spin doctor has asked them to prime the pump for a progression freeze just yet!!!!!
  5. Thanks for your responses. I found the idea quite shocking so thought it odd that there didn't seem to be any kind of information or outcry about it and further googling doesn't throw up anything new. I am puzzled though as to why he is so sure this is what they have been told. Individual state schools can't take the decision to implement this themselves can they?
  6. no, and if they are I suggest he speaks to his union.
  7. He insists that this is a government thing and that according to his school there is a very good chance it will be happening so watch this space, perhaps the news just hasn't broken across the board yet. I will hope it comes to nothing.
  8. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Suggest your husband to ask the SMT to give him in writing this information,which is only known to them. I am sure it will only apply to normal staff not the SMT..[​IMG]
  9. I think the school is playing silly beggers
  10. Thank you, that is food for thought. I have advised him to be vigilant and question them if it is mentioned again.

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