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Freelance vs Key??

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by Anonymous, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Ask them what AWR has to do with PAYE. Absolutely nothing at all. They are just trying to get their cut and not to take on any of their responsibilities.
    I'm really not sure about self employment and supply teaching - self employment has some quite strict defintions, especially about who decides what work you do and who is responsible for it. I am a self employed tutor and I also do workshops in primary schools - so no one tells me what to do!!!
    I also understand about childcare and hours - that's really annoying and upsetting for you. But a job is a job at the moment.
  2. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    I don't like the sound of umbrella companies at all and I've asked one of the agencies I'm signed up with if I can go back on PAYE. They said they don't do that any more, so I said that I wouldn't work for them.
    It all sounds like a smoke and mirrors disguise for self-employment and wriggling out of the AWR stuff.
  3. It may be worth asking the school if they could retimetable you so that you had 2.5 days. If yu are covering P.E. I would have thought that could be an option.
  4. Well, the agency really cocked up or lied. I am actually doing afternoons. Better for taking my daughter to things do can't complain. It's not the first time the have booked me for mornings then emailed to confirm I will be working afternoons. Eventually got it sorted but I ket them know that they had messed me around and I had to redo childcare plans. They then had cheek to ask if they could still ring me for morning work which I said no to as I am quite happy with 2.5 days. I might see if they can reschedule after Xmas to full days.

    Any more thought on how I should be paid ?
  5. This is guidance issued last week. With regards to awr even as self employed, teachers are still 'in the scope' of the legislation. This was due to some agencies pushing teachers to this option so they did not have to pay them to scale after they have done their 12weeks qualifying period. Just one of many creative suggestions I have heard in recent months.


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