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Freedom of Information

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by delmamerchant, Nov 25, 2019.

  1. delmamerchant

    delmamerchant Established commenter

    Can anyone help me. I want to know how I can go about making a request for information relating to pass rates and drop out rates at a particular university?

    We are in a really difficult situation of making a complaint about the standard of teaching at a university and need this information to support us. Cannot believe that no matter which body we have turned to there has been no support.
  2. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    What's the problem you are having obtaining this? Universities are public bodies subject the FOIA so you'd ask the university concerned. Have you done that? What happened? If their response is not satisfactory complain to the ICO.

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