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Free Video Resources for AQA GCSE Media Video Games

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by GeeHealey, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. GeeHealey

    GeeHealey New commenter

    First-time poster. I don't know if there's any interest, but I have been developing some videos to help my AQA GCSE students with their Media Studies Video Games Section. They're about Lara Croft Go and Kim Kardashian Hollywood.

    A little bit about me: I hold a PhD in Game Studies which I obtained through UCL in 2015. I have been published in the peer-reviewed journal Game Studies and - prior to my current job - I taught games design for three years.

    • Analysis of Lara Croft Go:
    • Analysis of Kim Kardashian Hollywood:
    • Comparing Lara Croft Go with Kim Kardashian Hollywood (Text):
  2. FelicityPercival

    FelicityPercival New commenter

    These look fantastic. Thanks! We teach CIE, but the ideas are super useful for foregrounding our case study work :)
  3. jocadari

    jocadari New commenter

  4. jocadari

    jocadari New commenter

    I'm thinking that your background could set you up as a media equivalent MR BRUFF (I'm also an English specialist). I'm picking up this spec this year from a teacher who suddenly left so these are excellent! As a teaching resource, your content and indpeth narrative is excellent, but I'd pitch it at much higher level ability gcse students or AS students. I intend to use them for my own CPD, plus set them as homework for my higher level students. This is because a lot of your intellectual theoretical content would be lost on lower ability students.

    Overall a 5 star resource! Thanks so much for sharing! Look forward to seeing you develop your own channel etc...
  5. Have a look at Edusites Media its all content written by examiners
  6. afoakes

    afoakes New commenter

    These are really helpful videos - many thanks for sharing them. I am using with GCSE groups to extend their understanding - it's a difficult topic to teach without these specialist resources.

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