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Free twilight CPD for clubs

Discussion in 'Science' started by lizlister, Jan 17, 2011.

  1. There is free CPD available for anyone involved in setting up and / or running a STEM club, available as a twilight session this term in a school near you.
    "What is a STEM club?" I hear you cry. Basically, a STEM club is any sort of extra-curricular club that provides enrichment in Science / Technology / Engineering / Maths / any combination of these subjects. A good STEM club can do wonders for the profile of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths in a school. Plus, they can be an awful lot of fun as well.
    We think every young person should have the chance to be part of a STEM club at some point during their school career, which means there needs to be a STEM club in every school in the country. To achieve this, we need an army of confident and enthusiastic STEM club leaders spread throughout the land. This is why this CPD is being offered locally, for free, outside of school time.
    The STEM Clubs Network has teamed up with experienced STEM club leaders across England to run these free CPD sessions. Come along, network with other club leaders, get plenty of activity ideas and develop your club leader skills.
    To find out where your nearest CPD session is and book on, visit the STEM Clubs Network website here: http://bit.ly/dTream. But be quick, these sessions are up and running now!
    For more info on this, send me a message via support@stemclubs.net.
    Happy clubbing!
    Liz Lister

  2. Hi
    Went to book on site, is this only open to secondary teachers?


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