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Free Trial of certificates with a 'World' theme anyone?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by primaryclass, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. I have one trialist already, but am looking for 4 more. If you are interested and think they would be useful for you, please email me with your school name through the website. Please do not leave your email address in this forum!
    • New set of 20 colour certificates focuses on 20 countries in the World
      and links to intercultural understanding, R.E. and comparing localities in the
      national curriculum.
    • Normally these would cost £30 for the whole set if you print them
      yourselves, but these are on offer to trial them for free.
    • I would be looking for a line or two of feedback by January on how they have
      been used, and if you think they need improvements, and how the children have
      reacted to them.
    • You would need your own or a school colour printer.
    • You can request for a non chronological version of them if you wish (without
      the First, second, third etc).
    You can view samples here in the TES Resources section or the Primary Class website here.

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