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Free times table resource

Discussion in 'Primary' started by seemeafter, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. I have had so much help from you lot it is my turn to reciprocate....
    This is how it works:
    Children progress up a ladder representing a pair of multiplication tables (and move their names up the display) as they master each challenge. The questions are not in order and are differentiated so that higher achievers have division as well as having more questions to answer. The children have 2 minutes to get them all right, they soon learn the ones they get wrong each time and these become the ones they practice in order to move up the ladder!
    At first 2 minutes seems impossible but once the children realise they are competing only against themselves they are very motivated!

    Once they have done all the tables they move on to Times Table Torture, which is a mixed bag of tables, again differentiated so that inverse operations are included. Again these are completed in 2 minutes, but you can move up or down the ladder.

    There are full instructions, certificates, all the question sheets for all the tables at 4 levels of achievement and a display of the ladder. Everything really.

    It is very effective for quick recall, the children love it and it is appropriate for all KS2 achievers.
    If you are interested please send an e-mail direct to at seemeafter@googlemail.com as the file is too big for the resources section.

    Any improvements you might suggest gratefully recieved as well.


  2. To all those who have contacted me, you have mail!
  3. MzB


  4. Rachste

    Rachste New commenter

  5. Would love a copy please, especially as times tables is my ISP target and I have no idea how the children are going to progress enough in the time span!!

    Thanks very much!
  6. senorcalvo

    senorcalvo New commenter

  7. I have sent replies to all who have e-mailed me and to posters on here. Happy to continue sharing but please could you e-mail me directly then I know who I have sent to - I am losing track so apologies if you have 2 copies!
  8. seemeafter, are they good for ks1 or just ks2???
  9. Peecee, I don't see why not if you are doing tables. I teach year 3 and even the ones who struggle with number bonds have moved up the ladder. I made some resources with just 6 questions to be done in 2 minutes, once they had gained confidence by achieving these they moved on to 15 questions in 2 minutes. The resources are just in word so you can adjust them for your own class. Give it a bash!
    Just send me an e-mail and take a look. I'm thrilled so many have asked for this resource - feels great to be able to put something back in to you guys!
  10. All e-mails and requests sent, delighted by response adn look forward to any more requests tomorrow. Please e-mail to seemeafter@googlemail.com rather than posting a message here as it is much easier for me to reply and know who I have sent to.

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