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Free theatre for secondary schools across GB

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by overcomingtheatre, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. I am at Reed's School, Cobham, Surrey.

    email is tsilk@reeds.surrey.sch.uk if you are heading down this way!
  2. If you're heading over to Wellingborough you may well want to pop in to Market Harborough! Please message me directly as not really happy putting email addy on public forums!

  3. I Have emailed and messaged you both

  4. Hi Danny
    My school is in Woodcote (between Oxford and Reading). An 11-16 secondary with a very pro-arts Head. Love the idea of what you are doing - please send me details to: gpimm@langtreeschool.com
    Thanks! Gill
  5. Hi Gill,

    I have sent you over all the info.

  6. Hi

    I am interested too - I'm in Manchester. Is this any good?


  7. Fantastic I will get the info over to you now!

  8. That's great, thanks Danny!

    However, just noticed that I've left a - out of my email! Therefor, my email is;


    Sorry about that, and thanks again! Looking forward to hearing from you!

  9. Hi Lydia, I have sent that over to you now if you have not received them please tell me and I will try again. Thanks Danny
  10. We love you to come. Sedgehill school south east London maureenferry@hotmail.com
    Please. M
  11. Hey! Any chance of you coming to Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham?? If there is my email is nicolaann1987@gmail.com

    Thanks x
  12. I know this is a late respose to the thread but when are you in Berwick? I'd love to get my students involved (I'm on maternity leave so don't know if they know about it) could you email me paula.griffiths@northumberland.gov.uk Thanks :)

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