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Free theatre for secondary schools across GB

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by overcomingtheatre, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. As part of a nation wide campaign Overcoming theatre is give 100 free flash mob theatre performances in 50 consecutive days across Great Britain. it is from 24/02/13 - 14/04/13.

    If you would like your school to have a free 30 min performance by two young professional actors please contact us! All our details along with a launch video can be found at http://www.overcomingtheatre.com/

    Daniel Middlewood - Director at Overcoming Theatre
  2. matthewcoe

    matthewcoe New commenter

    Yes please. Bydales School in situated in the North East of England, on the coast, lovely school. email me on mcoe@bydales-tc.org.uk
    Matthew Coe Learning Leader of Drama
  3. Fantastic! I will send you the details over now.

    Daniel Middlewood - Director
  4. Yes please! Sounds fab. Hornsea School & Language College in East Yorkshire. Please email me with details:
  5. Hi,

    I believe the nearest city to you we will be at is York and we arrive there on a Saturday. However if there is something we can organise then that would be great.

    I will send you over all the relevant information now.

    Hope we can work something out.
    Daniel Middlewood - Director
  6. Yes please, that sounds amazing - we are in Keighley, West Yorkshire!
    Thanks, Kay
  7. Fantastic! Could you please send me your email address and I will get over to you all the relevant information,

    Daniel Middlewood
  8. Guys, please... when you're riding your bike, wear proper protective gear. Canvas shoes are a no-no.The rest of your trailer looks good... will you be in Edinburgh?
  9. Hi Tom,

    Totally agree! We wear full projective gear including footwear everyday, it just looked terrible in shot, so we had to change. There was a safety co-ordinator on location and first aiders on hand.

    We are in Edinburgh however the performances there are fully booked, we do Berwick before and Sterling before and after if you are within and hours drive of them?

    Daniel Middlewood
  10. Sounds like a great idea! Please send me details if my school is in an area you are visiting. Stockley Academy, West London.
    Ellen Bellamy
    Head of Performing Arts
  11. I'm interested. We're in Lincoln.

    Look forward to hearing from you.
  12. This sounds great. Welling School is a secondary situated in Welling, Kent. Please contact me on timoneyb@welling.bexley.sch.uk.
  13. Hi Ellen,

    Apologies for the late reply.

    I have sent you over all the information.

  14. Hi Kylass.

    Very sorry for the late reply could you tell me what school you are based in so I can get the correct information over to you.

  15. Hi cbramwell,

    Unfortunately the nearest place we come to you is Nottingham and that is on a Sunday.

    If you could arrange a space for a weekend then wee would be happy to perform for you?

  16. Hi Barbara,

    I will send you over the information as well.

  17. Any chance of coming to Sir Christopher Hatton Academy in Wellingborough Northants?



  18. Hi Lydia,

    No where is too far!! I will send you over the details now

  19. Hi Neil

    I will send you over the details now.


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