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Free textbooks anyone?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by aurorem, Jun 5, 2009.

  2. Hi!
    Would be interested in the Logo 1 & Logo 2. We're in Northamptonshire but I could investigate cost. How many Logo 1 & 2 do you have?
  3. Right! I think I have the correct list now! These are the textbooks we are giving away:
    Métro 2 rouge et vert
    Métro 3 rouge et vert
    Métro 4 rouge et vert

    Logo 1 to Logo 4

    Listos 3 (Although it looks like these are going to mpc; first come first served!)

    We also have older titles such as Avantage, Adventura, Auf Deutsch, Einfach toll and probably more.

    If anyone is interested or know a school or organisation that could be, please leave a message in my inbox asap as we are getting our new titles soon and will throw all the old books away if not claimed.
  4. mpc


    Ta muchly!
    Will be in touch on Monday.
    Have a fab weekend,
    mpc [​IMG]
  5. I'm very interested in Listos 3. Even though I live in South London, I wouldn't mind driving one weekend to collect them or paying the postage.
    I leave you my e-mail address if you'd like to arrage details: hodaqui@hotmail.com
    Thanks a lot for your generosity
  6. Right, I'm getting there! People are asking me for books.

    Just wanted to say, could anyone who is interested in any of the textbooks drop me a line in my INBOX, with the titles of the books you would like and an idea of numbers. We should have the teacher's guides and resource and assessment files as well, but if the listenings were on tape, we might no longer have them.
    I have already been asked about Logo 1 to 3, Einfach Toll and Listos 3, but we have absolutely loads of some of these titles, so there might be some left even after they have collected theirs.
    Keep posting!
  7. No, not in London, in South Humberside, but still desperate for Listos 2/3!
  8. I would love any books other than Listos for Spanish. Our school's in Brighton, so not too far for posting.
  9. we have about 30 listos2 and maybe 10 listos3.
    we also have 100's of Encore Tricole if anyone is interested.
    we are in ipswich. We would be very happy to have them off our hands
  10. forgot to say we also have lot's of listos1. if anyone is interested let me know.
  11. Ooohhhh, i'm interested! Where are you and how much do you want for them?
  12. Doh, in the excitement, didn't readpost properly and can see where you are! Will look into postage costs and get back to you if that's ok (provided you wouldn't mind the hassle of posting them?) Am interested in 2 & 3 defs and maybe 1.
  13. I would definitely be interested in the Metro 4 books and possibly Logo 4. Am in South Wales but prepared to pay postage asit would def be cheaper than buying them new. If they are still available please put another post on with telephone number of your school and I will contact you that way.
  14. i'll get back to you tomorrow on the book and their numbers where are you?
  15. Llangatwg Community School, Neath. Tel 01639 634700 . Will look forward to hearing from you, thanks ever so much.
  16. All Listos 3 and Aventura gone to mpc. Not offloading any other Spanish resources.

    As I said, I will do first come first served, but keep leaving messages in my inbox with <u>book titles</u> and <u>number of copies you would like</u>, as well as a <u>contact name</u>, <u>number</u> <u>and</u> <u>e-mail address</u>, (and <u>postal address</u> if you want the books posted.) I'll accomodate as much as possible.

    P.S: this turned out to be a really big job, so please don't get offended if I take a while to get back to you! I'll answer if I have the books you need and try to answer also if I don't, so you know where you stand.
  17. hi,
    I think I sent a mail last night to your inbox but as I have never used this feature before I'm not sure. I'll send another one just in case. I would be interested in logo3 and logo4. I'll put my contact details in a mail. Thanks.
  18. sorry HOD
  19. the listos are not on offer anymore. i am so sorry. i hope you will find some soon. but we have plenty of Encore tricolore Nouvelle Edition.
  20. HI,
    I am teaching in a school in India and would love to receive textbooks from you. Please let us know how much shipping it would cost.

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