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Discussion in 'PSHE' started by sarahlee40, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. I work for a charity as well as teach theatre studies. I have funding for FREE SOCIAL ENTERPRISE DAYS anywhere in the UK. They are free!!!!!! The half day involves looking at a fantastic project in Malawi (I worked there), a movie and an interactive session where students develop their own enterprises. I even add a Dragons Den. It is free. My funding is for 900 students before 31st March and a further 900 students 2011/12.

    Let me know if you are interested and tell me where you are!

  2. And me - sounds like a fantastic opportunity!

    I am also based in Birmingham

    Would love some more details

  3. Hi Sounds interesting
    I am in Swindon, can you let me know more about it?
  4. This sounds really interesting - I am hoping to run a social enterprise programme with my year 8 students but am also looking for ways to embed enterprise in the lessons for other year groups so it would be great to receive more information.
  5. hull_lass

    hull_lass New commenter

    Hi! I really like the sound of this - especially the 'Dragons Den' idea! I teach Year 5 & 6 (are these too young?) in Rawtenstall, Lancshire. My email address is julieg@constablelee.lancs.sch.uk if it's not too late? Kind Regards - Julie x
  6. Hello
    I'm definitely interested in a FREE social enterprising day. My school is based in Walsall. We have 18 pupils in Year 5 and 20 pupils in Year 6. Both of these year groups would enjoy enterprising activities.
    Please email me at postbox@brownhills-w.walsll.sch.uk
  7. tms


    I work in an F.E college so hope that this would be a suitable setting for you. I am in Shropshire.
  8. I am really interested in this for my sixth form enrichment. We have 180 students in Formby Merseyside.
  9. Forgot to give my email address. pwstan@hotmail.co.uk
  10. I am based in Mancheter- please email via tes
  11. knight1

    knight1 New commenter

  12. Hello,

    I'm interested for after Sep 2011.My school is in Blackburn.

  13. Hi,
    I would definitely be interested in hearing from you to find our if funding is still available. I am keen to run some Social enterprise days with half / whole year groups. We are a school based in uxbridge, hillingdon.
    Please email me with further details on plaguillo@hillingdongrid.org

  14. Hi Sarah
    How is your project going - dp you have enough numbers for 2011/12?
  15. Hi, Just sent you a message on TES. Would be very interested if you still have capacity in 2011/2012 for a year group perhaps.

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