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Free screenings stem cell doc

Discussion in 'Science' started by anon804, May 21, 2011.

  1. Hello
    I would like to let you know about a new feature-lenght doc funded by the Wellcome Trust on stem cell research. Free one-off screenings are organised across the UK from next week, followed by a Q&A with scientists. More info about the film and screenings are on the website: www.stemcellsvision.co.uk.
  2. bogstandardcomp

    bogstandardcomp New commenter

    Sounds like something I'd take some 6th formers to, shame it clashes with exams
  3. It does unfortunately - a few more screenings will happen from September/October.
    Special one-off could be organised on request at schools

  4. We have the screening in London next week - Tuesday 21/06 at UCL.
    The discussion after the film is with Prof Pete Coffey, who is a contributor in the film.
    Pete Coffey is Director of The London Project to Cure Blindness. Prof Coffey and his team will soon start the first British clinical trial of a human embryonic stem cell-based therapy for macular degeneration.

    (film is also screening in Inverness tomorrow night, with Dr Clare Blackburn who is the film Science Director - as part of the Inverness Monster Science Festival)

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