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FREE science sessions delivered by City Year London

Discussion in 'Primary' started by CityYearLondon, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. City Year London is offering schools in London a series of free science sessions, during or after school, to help pupils learn more about energy, forces and chemical properties. The sessions are designed to be interactive and cover everything from making wind and water mills to illustrate the importance of renewable energy, to jumping pepper grains to show how electricity works. All of the sessions are fun and exciting and feedback from children has been excellent.The sessions – called School Power – aim to help deliver the key stage 2 science curriculum and can be tailored to suit the learning stages of your children. The wider context of the School Power sessions is to raise awareness of a large scale construction project taking place under London, near local schools.
  2. City Year London is a unique charity that places diverse teams of 18–25 year olds in schools for a year-long programme of tutoring, mentoring and community action projects. We can arrange for two dates on which our trained and CRB-checked ‘corps members’ will come to your school and run an exciting and interactive session on topics you choose for your pupils. We will escort a group of your children to the visitor centre on a third date and all your pupils and staff will receive invitations to our celebration event in the summer.
    If you would like more information, please email sl-scm@cityyear.org.uk or ring 07943628928 and I'll be happy to speak with you. Sheena Bhadresa (School Liaison, City Year London)

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