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Free Resources

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by pip17, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td class="post">primaryteacher23

    Could you send me the list of wedsites too? I am starting my probation year in Aug and think they will be very useful!

    hez2386 xxx


  2. primaryteacher23

    primaryteacher23 New commenter

    Hello Everyone,
    You all have mail... :)
    Unfortuntately star3, I think You have provided me with an incorrect email address. I would be more than happy to try sending my 'Resource List' to You again, if You can provide me with a valid email address.
    Primaryteacher23... x

  3. Hi can you send me a copy of the free resources that your school uses. bajansin@hotmail.co.uk
    Many thanks in advance.
  4. pip17

    pip17 New commenter

    Hi Primary teacher 23
    Thanks for sending out copies - as I too have been trying to send to the requests - the good thing is you have noted it in the 'post' - I requested that those who have received should 'give' to others!
  5. <u>Hi there</u>
    <u>i was wondering if it would be poss for you to send me the early years websites for free resources as well please my email address is nikkimattless@aol.co.uk</u>
    <u>many thanks</u>
  6. I have just spent the last 2 hours viewing your site (possibly sad but I'm multi-tasking and listening to the radio plus story ideas for the NY)
    Thank you so much....what a lot of hard work you're sharing and how brilliant to have all the visuals, so much more supportive for many practitioners. I shall be sharing with colleagues and of course pupils!! [​IMG]

  7. that was meant to be storing!!! [​IMG]
  8. I am of course thanking Ibuzzybea. obviously not doing the multi-tasking very well today!!
  9. sorry it's the underscore between capricorn and star that is the problem when it's underlined you can't see it.
  10. Your website is amazing!!!!! I am new to Early Years and you have given me so many ideas thanks so much x
  11. Hiya. I am also new to Early Years & will be teaching Nursery in September. Could I possibly have the link to your websites? My email is Jazzymummy2011@hotmail.co.uk

    Many thanks!
  12. Hi Primaryteacher23!
    Any chance to get a copy of your list too?
    My email: nyrusantander@hotmail.com
    Thank you in advance.[​IMG]
  13. Hi Primaryteacher23,

    Sorry to be a pain but could I also get the list of the websites that your school has composed.

    Many thanks


  14. Hi,

    So sorry to be annoying my email is moo_moo_cow88@hotmail.co.uk and not .com!! How silly am I?

    Looking forward to getting your email.

    Thanks in advance


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