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Discussion in 'Primary' started by helenkitten, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Not in Canada just yet....... but very soon, hence getting rid of all physical resources.

    Anyone interested, please send me a Private message and we can sort it out off-thread.

    I will cry if I have to throw all this lovely stuff away.....
  2. upsadaisy

    upsadaisy New commenter

    I'm sure this is on the level, but doesn't it sound like Helen is trying to lure teachers into something by offering free resources....

    How to catch a teacher, offer laminated stuff!
  3. Suspicious minds......

    Seriously, isn't there anyone who would like and could use lots of stuff like this?

    I just couldn't justify taking it in the container when i shipped my furniture and personal things as it just takes up too much space but can eleven years of hoarding useful stuff so easily be thrown away?

    I have already given away lots of other resources as I have gone along.

    I also have some lovely animal puppets which are great for all sorts of things - I have used them for French vocab with KS1 and also KS2 and they loved them.

    Maybe I am asking the wrong people.
    Perhaps the Supply forum is the place for this......
  4. Hi Helen,
    How much stuff is there? Could you give me a general idea of whether you believe it would be worthy of travelling from Surrey to collect from you? Just in your opinion.
    Thanks :)
  5. There is a sideboard full!
    As I said, it is all very organised and all in labelled folders which make it easy to transport despite the quantity of it.

    I am actually coming down to Surrey soon to visit a friend of mine for the weekend, so if you could use this resource bank, then it would be possible for us to meet and I could save you the journey, perhaps.

    I will be down there the weekend of the 24th September if you are interested.

  6. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Can you not just offer it to your local primary? Or the school you have recently left?
  7. clangercrazy

    clangercrazy New commenter

    i;d love it, but am in North Yorkshire! Bit far too go!
    Can't believe no-one wants it though!
  8. WOW - I would love it all (trainee) but I'm all the way down in Devon!
    So unless you just happen to be popping to see a friend in Devon, Dorset or Somerset it's going to be impossible!
    An incredibly generous offer, I hope someone gets use of it! I'm gutted that I don't live closer!
  9. Just to second minnieminx's comment- offer it to the nearest primary school, who I'm sure would take it off you and then sort through it. Obviously you may have already done this [​IMG]
    Good luck with the move, Canada is fab!

  10. Helen, that weekend would be fab! Thanks so much, I will inbox you my mobile number for your info. Thanks again, look forward to receiving the bits and bobs :)
  11. Yes, I could and in fact I have already given a lot of my physical resources to teachers I know in my previous schools.

    However, you all know this is true that when schools have resources they often just get stuffed in a cupboard and no-one ever gets time to look at them.

    I just think giving them to an individual will be more valuable to the right person than donating them en masse to a school where they will probably just gather dust and eventually get thrown out.

    I did mean to scan and save so much of my things but just never had the time while I was working.....

    I have had several people contact me and now I think I have someone who can collect these resources, so thanks everyone for your interest.;.)

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