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Free resource for D&T, food tech, science etc

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Kiteman001, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. Staff (and pupils) might be interested in having a look at www.instructables.com
    There are tens of thousands of projects that people have made, taken photos of each stage of the make, and then published with instructions to follow.
    There are projects useable at every level of education, in every practical subject. There are even resources for PE & Games teachers.
    For instance: Pre-school projects and Kitchen Chemistry. (Hands up, those are two of mine, but there are many thousands of others).
    Membership is free, and only needs an email address (they don't collect much in the way of data, and you can hide whatever you want), but if you contact the site from a school email address, they will give you (you, not your school) a years' free "pro" membership, which lets you download PDF copies of projects, and see the site with far few adverts.
    Of particular interest is the guide to using the site in school, but you can also use the site as a resource that you can use at home and ... "acquire" ideas from, because it is all open-source.
    There are forums on the site, which can cause a problem with some school filters, but there is a strict "be nice" policy that is vigorously enforced.
    Go, see, be inspired.

  2. I ought to point out that "staff" includes technicians andother classroom assistants as well - if you have a school-based email address, you can get a free pro account.

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