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free project management software for unit 8 edexcel GCE

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by JDBB, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Microsoft Project seems a bit pricey but I hear there's a lot of good freeware about. Can anyone recommend any in particular? Thanks.
  2. Microsoft Project seems a bit pricey but I hear there's a lot of good freeware about. Can anyone recommend any in particular? Thanks.
  3. Could this be what you are looking for?


    It's pretty straightforward and easy to use. Perhaps lacks the sophistication of MS Project - but it is free.
  4. Thanks very much. Having trouble downloading it onto my laptop at home, but I'll give it a go at work tomorrow.
  5. Watch out...Check to make sure that the free stuff will do things like allocate resources, dependencies etc as this is needed for MB3.

    I looked into free PM software about 18 months ago and decided to splash out on Project instead as the documentation was quite poor for the Open Source stuff and I'd never used PM software before.

  6. Thanks Bainsyboy,

    I've never used PM software before. I'll have a play with ganttproject.org stuff, but in case I get stuck - have you found Project easy to learn and teach?
  7. It took me a while to get my head around MS Project as I'd never used it before and neither had anyone else in the school. I also used some of the Microsoft books which are quite in-depth as I learnt it before the Heathcote book came out and shows you don't need to much. I think it is ok now, but this is from having taught it once (not brilliantly though).

    When I originally learnt it, all I had was the spec and had no real idea of the level of skill I needed.

    We also use MS Project as there is the tutorial in the Heathcote book (which is good) and there are a number of online resources/tutorials available. It is quite straight forward for the kids as well. Most of them are able to produce decent Gantt charts after about 3-4 hours tuition (to MB3 level!).
  8. Gantt project does do dependencies. I used it for Unit 8 last year but I did experience the loss of data in a saved file. The file had been saved successfully but when I opened it later, the chart had gone. If one of my students had used this as an excuse I wouldn't have believed them. It's true though. I always print as a PDF now as a half-hearted backup measure.
  9. Does it allocate resources though??
  10. I am resurrecting this thread because I need to decide on new software for Unit 8 next year. A budget sequeeze means no more money for MS Project, which we've used in the past.
    What's the latest thinking on the most appropriate approach that meets the marking criteria? Online or free is a good quality. I really like the idea of the students being able to use the software at home.
    What are you using successfully? All comments appreciated.
    Thank you.
  11. I also use Gantt Project - less than perfect but a whole lot better than going down the Microsoft route, I assure you.
  12. Thank you, Magpie.
    I have had a go with creating a project plan in GanttProject. I agree, not perfect. I've had some issues with scheduled dates not automatically updating and summing of subtasks' days not actually sum all the time. However, the students can use it outside campus (bonus). It appears to do all the necessary tasks (resources, graphical Gantt, subtasks, dependencies) that are required for mark band 3. It's my current favourite.
  13. I had a student last year get full marks (60/60) using Gantt Project, so see no reason to use anything else.

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