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Free P4C (Philosophy) Resources for the Maths Classroom!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by godwin86, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. godwin86

    godwin86 New commenter

    Designed to trigger philosophical thinking in your students and focus their minds on the "big questions" that underpin the discipline of Maths.

    1) The Philosophy of Maths and Numeracy (Full Lesson, for KS2-4)

    2) The Maths Debate Generator

    Just enter the code SUPER-SEPTEMBER at the checkout to download it for free from TES!*

    *New accounts or first-time buyers only, code expires Sept 30th.

    Please share this resource with others who might be interested.
    Massive appreciation for those who leave positive reviews: it helps other Tes users to know that a product is as described! :)

  2. arsinh

    arsinh New commenter

    "Maths Debate" - is this an attempt to be "down with the kids" or just an oversight? Either way, unforgivable.

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