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Free online 'A' level literature seminars and new community

Discussion in 'English' started by Ncbowen, Nov 4, 2011.


    The first free academic seminar of the year will take place on 5th Nov at 10am. If you would like your students to take advantage of working directly with the wise and wonderful Dr Mariadele Boccardi then please encourage them to 'check out' our website:
    http://peripeteia.webs.com/onlineseminars.htm and on facebook at



    Up and coming seminars:


    Mystery Creative Writing Event 

    October 2011 


    Seminar on Narrative Analysis

    5th November 2011

    Run by Dr. Mariadele Boccardi (UWE)


    Seminar on Poetry Analysis

    December 2011

    Run by Professor Tim Kendall

    Online Seminars
    Aimed at students studying English at 'A' Level/University. Discussion Forums and unique Online Seminars to build confidence, creativity, and individual analytical style.

    "An Introduction to Modernism"

    January 2012

    Run by Mikey Meally (WCS)


    "Gothic" Seminar

    February 2012

    Run by Dr. Dale Townsend (Stirling) and Dr. Angela Wright (Sheffield)

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