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Free interactive games for numeracy new framework

Discussion in 'Primary' started by fionafoster83, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Keep getting the following error message:

    $PODIA_START false

    Has previously worked fine.
  2. Hi Everyone

    I've just delivered INSET using Learningclip to help plan for the renewed framework in September.

    If any other schools are now preparing for the introduction of the new framework it might be worth letting your maths coordinators know about the resources.

  3. I've tried using the voting system with my year 6 and they really enjoyed it.

    Does anybody else have an activote kit?

  4. I love it!
    Will be telling my numeracy coordinator about it first thing in the morning!
    I teach year 4 and will be using these this week for unit D3. Any plans for year 4 E3 and A1, B1 etc?

    Well done...a brilliant resource!
  5. Year 4 will be complete before September.

    Year 2 and 5 will also be online for the start of the new academic year.
  6. I've just registered, this is great thank you! I haven't used with children yet, but will have year 3 next year so will definitely use it with them. I really like the look of the worksheets too, they look very child friendly and I think they will really appeal.
  7. Been having a great time playing around on these this evening. Thank you very much, it's great! The kids will love these!
  8. EBD35

    EBD35 Occasional commenter

    Hi fosterdrew if you are still interested in an EBD school using your resources and how they get on could you get in touch as I've lost your email...many thanks ;o)
    mhf_35 at hotmail dot com
  9. Hi EBD 35

    If you want to get in touch my email is a.foster@learningclip.co.uk

    I'm going to be doing some work in Blackburn over the summer hols so ideas how we can adapt the resources for special schools will be very handy.


  10. Site looks really good! Please tell me that you will expand upwards to cater for year 5 as I am starting that year in Sept for the first time!

    Looking forward to being able toi use it. Thank you.
  11. Hi waterfall

    Year 5 resources are being developed this very minute.

    They will definitely be online in September so keep checking each week.

  12. Hi

    Just wondering if you will be doing any year 1 resources?

  13. hi fionafoster83,
    Thank you for bringing this website to my attention - it is so simple to use, and already has the objectives there so fab for quick intervention sessions.
    I love it!
  14. Year 3 , 4 and 5 resources will all be online by the week beginning 8th September.

    Year 3 and 4 are already available !

    Check out Block A unit 1 at www.learningclip.co.uk

  15. <strike></strike>
  16. I am hoping that you meant year <u>2</u>, 4 and 5 will be online next week as Year 3 are already live?!!!! I do hope so - I keep checking every day!!! So looking forward to showing my new year 2 class!

    Fingers crossed!
  17. Hi

    After talking to the project manager, the aim is complete Year 3 and Year 4 asap and bring Year 5 out in time to teach each Block.

    I don't know when Year 2 will be added.

    All you can do is keep asking!

  18. Just asking again about Year 2!
  19. We are hoping to add links from the Year 3 activities so they can be cross referenced with the Year 2 objective very soon.

    If we do the same with Year 5 and 6 it will mean more teachers can access the resources.

    By the way we had the highest hit rate ever in September.


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