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Free interactive games for numeracy new framework

Discussion in 'Primary' started by fionafoster83, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Just registered, looks great, will try to use some of them next week!

  2. Amazing resource and I have really appreciated being able to use it in the classroom. At the moment I am working as NQT and do not know where I will work next year. My only concern is that I will rely on this brilliant resource and that in future schools will have to pay for use.
    "The clips are being offered free of charge to all schools during the development phase. In return we aim to encourage feedback and make the material highly user driven, focusing especially on"
    Do you know if this is likely to happen in near future? In meantime I will make the most of the resource while it is there - thank you.
    I have recommended it to all staff in school and they are hooked and awaiting further year groups!

  3. Year 5 Unit 3 Block A & B are now online.

    Block B worksheets to be added this week.
  4. Wow!! Just what I've been looking for! Thanks to you and your brother.
  5. As far as I know charging will not begin for at least another term.

    But there will always be a sizeable section of free resources, free trials etc etc.

    There will also be a low cost individual teacher subscription (for student teachers,supply teachers etc) which should mean most teachers should always have some sort of access.

    Learningclip will endeavour to be one of the leading suppliers of interactive teaching resources. For this to happen, teachers must have sufficient time to try out the resources in their classrooms.

    if you haven't registered yet log on below:

  6. Chatterbox1607

    Chatterbox1607 New commenter

    When do you think year 1 work will appear within the site? I think the resources for year 5 are fantastic.
  7. September Update
    KS2 is now completed with the remainder of Year 6 to be published in the next three weeks.
    Voting is now fully operational and any schools which own activotes or expression pads may register on the free trial.
    Year 1 has now started to be developed and ten activities will be online very soon.
    Check out the website for all the new developments.
    Also remember to re-register if you used the older version of the site upto July 2009.

  9. Any idea when you might be adding year 2 resources?

  10. www.learningclip.co.uk will have all the maths resources completed by September 2012. Everyone of the 400 numeracy strategy activities will have IWB activities, homework, worksheets, group voting and student paced activities. It covers the entire Primary curriculum and loads of the activities are free.

    If you have ActivExpression pads is has the worlds largest collection of resources. 28,000 users are registered and there is now English Grammar resources to boot. I'm also going to be offering free maths lessons in Northwest of England to registered users.

    Please have a look, Andrew
  11. Free maths starters for Y1 to Y6 http://goo.gl/kK15L
  12. I'm now working with Learning Clip trying to develop more literacy resources. Starting writing more grammar resources next week. Let me know if you have any ideas for hard to find English activities.
  13. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    As a supply teacher i like the idea of the site but the cost would be too expensive for me..i teach all years from reception to yr6 and I need a price of a stand alone where i can 'carry' it with me and then log on and use within a school,otherwisethere are other resource sites i can use,
    This is not to distract from your hard work or the quality of the products.......but being class based for possibly a few days at the most, individual year costs are dear.
    Good luck anyway witha quality resource.
  14. I understand exactly what you mean. The lesson starters can be used for free with any year group but doesn't have all the fun videos and worksheets. Do you think that other supply teachers or students on teaching practices have the same problem?

    I have always wanted there to be something available to anyone without cost but agreed that schools needed to be charged a competitive price for a full subscription.

    Supply teachers and students have really made a difference to spreading the word about learning clip. We have never sent mail to schools or sponsored links on the web and have been lucky enough for some educational sites recommending us in the early days before ipad apps.

    I'm an independent educational consultant so my main interest is to let teachers have the means to use the resources I have helped create. If supply teachers cannot use a range of materials this certainly is a pity.

    Does anybody have any suggestions?
  15. oldsomeman

    oldsomeman Star commenter

    The problem for me is that in many schools i to have pick up the teachers planning,,but often i feel the way to introduce work could be more 'interesting'. Assuming they have left me th e laptop, and the IWB is working then i can use other material.
    To do that i need to have access to resources at a price which is not to expensive( when i was full time i often subscribed to such sites for my class) These i then show to teachers .....and so the word spreads.
    I used to use good morning children and also sing out.....but they went to expensive to buy as an individual who ,as supply, often tens to be on lower and sometimes spasmodic wages.
    however I understand that you have to make a living and i will explore the site more and use what i can
    Thanks for your comments..
  16. There are lots of free KS1 and KS2 resources at:


    Learning Clip will soon be alligned to the 2014 Mathematics National Curriculum. There will an addition 50 activities covering new topics e.g.

    Roman Numerals

    Multiplying fractions

    More concise algorithms
  17. Learning Clip has now completely revised it's content for the New Maths National Curriculum. Free guides are available to help plan your lessons.

    There are also over 50 totally free resources available at goo.gl/n3QsbG Just remember to register.

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