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Free Homework Projects on the Ancient Maya

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dianeelizdavies, Sep 4, 2019.

  1. dianeelizdavies

    dianeelizdavies New commenter

    Dr Diane Davies, Maya Expert, has created 12 projects on the Maya that children can carry out in class or at home. These include:

    • Guatemalan Kite (for the Day of the Dead)
    • Bird Whistle
    • Maya House
    • Find out your Maya animal companion (nahual)
    • Make your own worry doll
    • Chocolate Pot
    • Stela
    • Chatterbox
    • Snakes and Ladders
    • Mask
    • City (Emblem) Glyphs
    • Headdress
    These are all free and were created to help you and your class engage with this wonderful culture!
    Click here to access the resources

    Maya Archaeologist

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