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FREE History Videos

Discussion in 'History' started by Robertsouthworth, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. Robertsouthworth

    Robertsouthworth New commenter

    Hello teachers,

    We're a history company that usually runs workshops in schools. Given the current climate we are looking at creating lots of free online videos for students to use for extra learning whilst they're at home. These will have printable worksheetss and online quizzes to go with them.

    We have done an introductory video explaining what we're about. You can view it by clicking the link below.

    We're really looking for ideas of what you want us to make as the content. Do you want a video with an interview with a Roman Soldier for instance?

    We perform the majority of our work in costumes and we intend to do this also with the online section.

    Hope everyone is surviving and staying safe through these dangerous time.

    Kind Regards


    Past Productions
  2. Anita-Bell

    Anita-Bell New commenter

    Hi, are you more primary than secondary? For me the gaps online are for some topics at GCSE.

    For example: OCR

    US 1945-75
    South Africa 1960-1944
    Migration to Britain 1000-2010
    Impact of Empire 1688-1730.

    There's some material out there, but much less than for other topics which have been more popular - and have had greater longevity - or where the perspective through which they are studied has shifted.

  3. Robertsouthworth

    Robertsouthworth New commenter

    Hi Anita,

    Whilst we do predominantly focus on primary history we are open to any options. If this is a niche that you think we could help with we are more than happy to have a crack at it. If you have any resources or if you fancied liaising with us directly we can then make it a bit more bespoke as you're the first person whose requested these topics.

    We could do with knowing;

    • What kinds of areas specifically are hit within the topics
    • Whether you think it would be more beneficial to have videos that hit each individual topic or whether a general overview (comparative) video would be best (or both)
    Feel free to message us privately, or even better a good phone consultation would be great to help me get up to speed with the expectations for GCSE as (like I said) I'm more geared towards primary which tends to be watered down slightly.

    Also, I'll be quicker at responding from now on :)


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