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Free History resources distribution question - help!

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by LisaCopeHistory, Jun 4, 2020.

  1. LisaCopeHistory

    LisaCopeHistory New commenter

    Hi guys,

    I'm new to TES and just trying to work my way around it all. I'm currently setting up some free resources for history and wondered if anyone would be able to give me some advice please. I work with a band who sing purely about historical war events. Here's some info on them:

    Sabaton is a Swedish power metal band from Falun. The band's lyrical themes are based on war, historical battles, and acts of heroism[1]—the name is a reference to a sabaton, knight's foot armor. The armor and battle theme is heard in the albums Primo Victoria, Attero Dominatus, The Art of War, Coat of Arms, Carolus Rex, Heroes, The Last Stand, and The Great War in which most of the songs contain these motifs. Their latest album, The Great War, was released on 19 July 2019, with the songs all being based on World War I. Lyrical content drawn from World War I, World War II and other historical conflicts is prevalent and lyrics often recite stories of heroic deeds by men, women, and armies.

    The band are so passionate about the topics covered in their music that they have created a YouTube channel where they break down the topics covered in each song. Here's some info about the channel:

    Sabaton History brings you the historical background to all Sabaton songs. Pär and Joakim from Sabaton and historian Indy Neidell from TimeGhost/World War Two will take you on an awesome adventure through the history, the creative process and untold stories behind the Sabaton songs.

    You can see the channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaG4CBbZih6nLzD08bTBGfw/featured

    The band have asked me if there is a way their videos could be used as teaching resources to add a new dimension to war and how it's taught in the classroom. They're an internationally recognised band (and sold out Wembley Arena this year!) who are super passionate about what they do. Does anyone have any advice as to how we can get them in front of history teachers to see what they think about using thier videos? Do you feel a Google AdWords campaign would be worth it? Can we advertise via TES to promote the content to just teachers? All resources are free to use and there is no financial motive. Any and all advice much appreciated.

    Just FYI, I'm setting up some resources here on the site, I just wondered if there's anything else that someone could suggest.

    To show you how pasisonate they are, on the recent album campaign, we heard about the Heugh Battery Museum being in trouble so the band mobilised their fanbase to raise money to save the museum. You can find out more about that here: https://www.holdthefrontpage.co.uk/...saved-thanks-to-daily-and-swedish-metal-band/

    Thanks so much for your time!
  2. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    You might be better off posting this in the subject > History forum.
  3. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    Also gotta say that I am a history teacher and on a personal note I did not click any link or investigate your post any further because it reads like you want me to do your market research for you. This is really strange considering that you are actually stating you are doing something for free. It might be better if you actually post resources inshort posts or do some research into how these resource might be used in a curriculum and target accordingly. Or do initial research first and then ask specific questions. This is probably not true of other teachers, I am just saying how I responded.
  4. LisaCopeHistory

    LisaCopeHistory New commenter

    Thanks for the feedback! I'll get this up in the history forum :)

    I'm not after your thoughts about the videos so it's not market research - I was just wondering how to let teachers know about the resources. The band suggested a google adwords campaign but I wasn't sure if this would be worth the cost. They're just really passionate about what they do and thought the combination of history and music would be a great learning tool to make teachers aware of. Having no background in working in education, I have no idea of the curriculum and how teachers source their info for their classes. I appreciate it's a bit of a strange request but promise you there is no motive behind this. The videos and channel exist because the band love what they do. My partner's sister suggested TES as she teaches Maths and she thought it was a great way of passing on free resources.

    Thanks again for your time in responding. I'll try think about how I can word the above better in the history forum to try and clarify that this isn't some market research ploy...
  5. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    No I completely get that, I am merely giving my impressions. I am not saying that is what you are doing. But adwords and advertising and commercial groups tend to point my mind in negative directions. The core point is as you say the learning.

    I am a histroy teacher and I have taught KS, IB, NCSS at all levels so I am happy to help if you have a question in this thread or DM. I am always to help anyone who is genuinely helping history teachers by presenting resources, especially video resources, in a way that teachers can actually use. Im not eager to help video spammers who just post videos on an ad hoc basis to promote themselves (not saying you are one - just general principles as this wastes everyones time). I am sure there are many others of like mind in the history forum too who will be delighted to help. Just ask for what you need help with.
    LisaCopeHistory likes this.
  6. LisaCopeHistory

    LisaCopeHistory New commenter

    That's awesome, thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and opinion. I know how this all sounds in my head but it's great to hear how it comes across to the people I'm trying to reach! Here are a few questions I was wondering for a start:

    • How do I find out about the curriculum and what years would be teaching about the various wars? I'm happy to do research but just not sure where to start?
    • Do you google for resources for your lessons? A teacher friend of mine says she does but I wasn't sure if this was the norm?
    • How do you find new resources for your classes?
    • How would I go about reaching people like you to present the channel and videos as something you could use for your classes? I'm keen to do it in a way that doesn't imply that I'm spamming you...I know the band would be up for doing a video specifically for teachers to try and explain their mission - would something like this work?
    • I will be uploading individual tracks that deal with certains wars as resources on TES this week. Is there anywhere else that you'd suggest I could post about this?
    Any advice on how I would go about reaching history teachers to share the resources would be really apreciated. As mentioned, I have another friend who teaches who thought a Google AdWords campaign would be great but I'm not convinced as that feels like it's selling something when this is purely an exercise in spreading the good word and hopefully helping to teach people about these amazing stories through a new medium. The band are fanatical about this stuff and genuinely enjoy being able to sing about it and raise awareness. One of the albums consists of stories they gathered from fans and their fmailies about wars they had experienced. Their live drum kit is housed in a two ton tank riser and they reinact scenes from wars in their stage shows. They hire historians to help them with all their music videos to make sure the imagery is all correct and relevant to the war they are singing about too. They literally live and breathe what they do! They would be delighted to know that their mission to spread the good word was being used in this way, which is why I'm so keen to find out more.

    Ta again for your time :) I posted this in the history forum too so hopefully I'll get some more responses but I'm so chuffed to hear back from someone at least. I'm a bit stumped as to where I should start.
  7. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    Ok I'll answer over in the history forum then.
  8. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    Right sorry misunderstood, I will answer here instead.
  9. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    I will post short answers over the next few days with resources. Firstly curriculum. Every exam board curriculum published its own curriculum by subject area and level. For example international baccalaureate or in published individuals and societies guides with course and content descriptions for the middle years Myp and senior dp. History is called individuals and societies in Myp and history in dp. So a search on individuals+societies+Myp+guide+ib should bring up the free guide. All exam boards generally have such guides, try Edexcel, awa, Cambridge for ks or keystage and ncss for American standards and or ap.
  10. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    I can't in this thread tell you what other places you can list resources because I'll get the thread or message deleted if I do, but there are comparable services to this out there.
  11. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    I look at my scheme of work and think what concepts and content I need to teach when. Often I create everything but honestly once I have that framework I cast around on tes for resources I can adapt. I rarely use video because they are hard to tailor to classes. There are exceptions. I use crash course for home learning or independent research because they gave a lot of well presented engaging content I can get students to think critically about. I also use small sections of documentaries and primary sources. I don't go over 10 minutes of video ever.
  12. historyexcel

    historyexcel New commenter

    Honestly content is pretty prescriptive much of the time so if it is short, all in description and tagged so I can find it, and better yet comes with additional teaching resources, I'm all over it. Tagging is simple. Period, Norman, Saxon, ww2 and it's topic, feudalism, battle of Hastings, treaty of Versailles. These are what I look for. If it provides concise useful info on the tagged topic drawn from curriculum, I'm sold. Crash course does just that.
  13. LisaCopeHistory

    LisaCopeHistory New commenter

    Thanks so much for all of this info. It has been a big help :)

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