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Free history books

Discussion in 'History' started by nomist, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. As a new HoD, I am clearing out a load of books from my predecessor. These could be really useful, either for a school library, or as a set of reference books for secondary pupils to use in their studies up to A-Level. It's heart-wrenching to clear them out - they're in good condition - but I need the space.

    I've got approximately 150 books covering a range of topics, particularly:
    - Tudors & Stuarts
    - Industrial Revolution
    - History of London
    - Napoleonic wars
    - Medieval England
    - Coinage

    I also have a set of about 90 copies of the SHP Medieval Realms books - not the most recent reprint, but the content is almost identical as far as I can tell.

    Please send me a message if you can take these off my hands, or suggest where else to send them. Otherwise they're going to Oxfam I guess.
  2. Are all these books are related to History.
  3. Hi

    Have you had a taker for these yet? If not, where are you based?


  4. EllieWhite

    EllieWhite New commenter

    Has anyone taken up your offer yet? Thanks
  5. Has anyone taken you up on this yet? My school (an international school in the Czech Republic) woul be very, very grateful to be given some of these books, particularly a class set of Medieval Realms - we could use 20 to 25. We are a school that deliberately charges fees as affordable as possible, and therefore sometimes struggle to make ends meet. Books on the industrial revolution would also be helpful. Please let me know if you can let us have these and we can arrange to pay for the shipping.

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