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Free geography posters?

Discussion in 'Geography' started by missgeo, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. missgeo

    missgeo New commenter

    I'm an NQT and the room I will be using next year has no posters/displays at all at the moment. It will be a few weeks before my classes produce display work so I was wondering if anyone knew any sites I could order free posters from that have a geography theme, even A4 would be something?

    I've seen sites with .pdf downloads but don't want to use a limited budget on temporary posters.
  2. I've seen good use of keywords with pictures done as an A-Z around the walls - one sheet of A4 for each letter of the alphabet. Plus maybe some level criteria for whatever groups you'll be teaching, and of course lots of maps! I've put together a collecton of maps from different perspectives & different projections to challenge assumptions. I've also printed out A4 copies of images/diagrams that related to the first topics of term - e.g diagram of a volcano, flag of Brazil, rainforest cross-section...all done of the school colour printer, so pretty cheap and most of them stayed put for most of the year - student work fills in the gaps.
  3. Hi
    If you send me your details I can send you our Discovering Antarctica and Discovering the Artic posters.
    The centre pages of the Guardian newspaper often have excellent images in that can be used as posters.
    Email me on gin@rgs.org
    Best wishes

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