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free flow inside outside?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by ay up me duck, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. hi - our head teacher is not too keen on this idea as she feel that we would not be in ratio - 2 adults 26 children in nursery - i thought about having sashes for 13 children to wear to go outside e.g. no more than 13 outside with 1 adult ...
    Any thoughts on this and how you do it / would do it would be greatly appreciated THANKS!
  2. hi - our head teacher is not too keen on this idea as she feel that we would not be in ratio - 2 adults 26 children in nursery - i thought about having sashes for 13 children to wear to go outside e.g. no more than 13 outside with 1 adult ...
    Any thoughts on this and how you do it / would do it would be greatly appreciated THANKS!
  3. That is a nitemare and I think quite time consuming. It will be really tricky in my opinion to monitor this situation.
    Is the outdoor area nr or attached to your indoor area? if that is the case then you should be fine to have more or less children outside.
    Free flow is meant to be free flow not constantly counting 13 children in/out at any one time.
    Will your HT not budge on this?
  4. Sashes sound good. Alternatively how about having a line of 13 pegs near the door and putting the children's names/photos/pens & laminated card to write their names on in a basket near it? Then they can hang their name/photo up when they want to go outside (developing fine motor/reading/writing/ self-recognition at the same time).
  5. thanks for the super fast replies so far - any ideas are great PLEASE keep them coming
  6. Ok so I am gathering your HT wont budge on this sooooo ideas below!:

    A board with velcro, children stick their name/pic on when they are outside/take off when inside.

    Could have a team leader ie you outside with your team, then swop places with collegue and their team??Each child would know if they were meant to be outside if thier team leader was outside.

    Like you said, sashes, pinnys, hats etc

    Good luck
  7. Why don't you get an advisor in to advise your head. Then it would solve your problems. I have tried bands and the like in the past with Reception and believe me it doesn't work - far better to allow them to choose in and out rather than you stressing about it. If attached it doesn't really matter if they are all out or all in as there is still 2 adults for 2 children. I will be in the same situation as you come September and am planning on having TA and me to take it in turns to be in/out and the children can choose.
  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    The ratio covers the setting which is both indoors and outdoors so it shouldn't make any difference where the children choose to work.
  9. i agree with others - head needs to be educated about this - we have free flow indoor/outdoor - 2:26 - free access to children - with the only proviso that if numbers are tiny - either inside or out - say 2 children and one member of staff - the memebr of staff will need to go out - taking these 2 children with her. We just use our common sense on this one.
    We have - for reasons unknown - a rec teacher who adopted a 'names' system - to limit the number of children between 2 rooms - the children spend their time standing near the names board - waiting for the next person to come back - these children never settle to anything - i really think these systems undermine the whole concept of'free-flow'
  10. Puzzles has written my reply for me! Are you telepathic or something? It's exactly what I would advise.
  12. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    rubymay I couldn't agree more. Common Sense seems to be the key but somewhat lacking in all of this!!!
  13. i agree MSZ & ruby
    The head used to teach the nursery a few yrs ago - So i find it difficult to challenge her on this.

    I will contact the local early yrs advisory people and see what they say and take it from there.
    Thanks for the replies / support

    I do feel that if it is free flow - it should be free flow not stop and see if the numbers are right!!!
  14. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I realise it isn't easy when the head says no! Good Luck
  15. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    I know why your HT is saying this..... seeming to have been outside in the rain and cold for years with all the children I know where she is coming from!

    Free flow is great but with nursery and reception children combined it can be difficult. Big boys running about and letting off steam with frail 3 year olds....... the dreadful attrition of outside equipment and inside equipment if they take it outside.....and it is so difficult to teach or observe if there are too many children.... I can remember being out with 35 or more children.......some of them very challenging children........

    We have tried bands for 18 months. It does limit the numbers but then they started to hide the bands in their trays and little places.... some of the boys had their own bands and were always out.....I don;t agree with apron/chair control anyway but I don't know the answer on this.

    What I do know is that if the people inside are not offering stimulating activities and engaging with the children then they will all come outside.

    I wish I had a magic answer to this. In nursery it should be pure feel flow but big boys should have an egg timer and only be allowed out for 5 minutes at a time.
  16. You need to try to think of the outside area as an area to extend learning. We call ours the Outdoor Classroom because that's what it is. You value the provision inside, so try to do the same with the outdoors. It is very difficult, but so worth it. Also, freeflow is a fantastic idea, in the ideal world, so just do as much as you can, and don't beat yourselves up about it. Remember observations can be so much more informative from the outdoor provision too, especially for boys. Good luck. There is no answer, except a bottomless coffer od dosh!
  17. Hi - I used to have the same problem - HT not really getting the whole free-flow inside outside thing. Plus my outdoor area was very small and to have a class of 30 chidlren outside would be completely chaotic! So I pstarted with putting up a board and each of the chidlren have a picture with velrco on the back (I have a picture of each area that they could play in) with 4 or 6 spaces - correlating to the number of children that could play there. This worked ok for some areas, but I had some very 'bossy' children who would move the other children's photos and it became a bit of an issue. So.... I decided to have 6 Red bands (the ones you use for PE) and the chidlren would take a red band if they wanted to play outside. This caused much less arguing and I would try to rotate the chidlren, so that evreyone had a little time outside. I know it sort of defeated the whole point of free flow, but it worked with my chidlren and the outside space we had. OfSTED liked how it worked and commented on how well the children understood the outside rules. The fact that this way meant that the chidlren could play outside at any one time and they became very good at patrolling each other and taking turns in playing outside - was a good way of getting the children to resolve their own conflicts. I hope this helps a little.
    Just remember that what works for one class / school may not work for another. As well as what might not work for some people will for others. Good luck!
  18. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    The thread is <u>over 4 years old</u> so I think things have probably been resolved one way or the other
  19. I really dont understand why you would limit the amount of time the "Big boys" spend outside, the outdoor environment is key to boys development especilly there mark making and creative skills witch studies have shown boys in the uk are lacking. free flow should be excactly what it says it should be.

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