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Free Extra-curricular STEM Activity

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by JenGreenwood, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. JenGreenwood

    JenGreenwood New commenter

    Supported for 2015-16 by the Royal Academy of Engineering, the UK Space Agency and other sponsors, the UK Space Design Competition will be taking place around the UK. This STEM-industry design challenge asks teams to work together to answer a request for proposal from a fictional space exploration society. Students are supported by practising engineers and scientists with the aim of inspiring future generations to take up careers in STEM subjects.

    Entries to our Years 10-13 competitions are judged and winners of each Regional Heat and successful video entries are invited to attend the UK Finals held in London in March 2016. Representatives of the winning UK Finals team attend the International Space Settlement Design Competition held at a US NASA base in July 2016.

    The competition is free to enter.

    Regional Heats for Years 10-13
    Interest in our events has been unprecedented this year and we have only a few team spaces left at our Cardiff and Huddersfield events. More information available here: http://uksdc.org/compete/regionals/

    Micro-Competitions for Years 7-9
    We will be running several events in London and the South East. Please visit our website for more information. These events are designed to engage students in preparation for our Years 10-13 competition.

    Video Competition for Years 10-13
    The 2015-16 video competition is now open and entries can be submitted until 23:59 on Friday 18 December. The design challenge and rules are available here: http://uksdc.org/compete/video-entries/

    Contact Jen on j.greenwood@uksdc.org with any queries.

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