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FREE Creative Project with the support of Industry Mentors - From Ideas Foundation

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by IamCreative, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. IamCreative

    IamCreative Occasional commenter

    The Ideas Foundation are offering schools a unique opportunity to
    respond to REAL industry briefs with the support of expert mentors from
    top advertising agencies.
    We are <u>urgently</u> seeking schools to take part in our project. The
    project will last 6 weeks, which will include 2 sessions facilitated by
    the Ideas Foundation team. <u>This is free of charge to the schoo</u>l. Please get in contact as soon as
    possible if you think this is something that your school would like to
    take part in as there is<u> limited availability</u>.
    Our latest projects are briefs are from BT and Barclaycard. Barclaycard
    are asking students to think about the future of payments whilst BT are looking for a new marketing campaign

    I Am Creative is an online based project sponsored by brands such as
    Nokia and Aviva. They provide 'real industry' briefs for the students
    to respond to in an innovative and creative way. The students upload
    their ideas to the online gallery, to get their entries seen by the
    brand and our panel of industry experts for the chance to win some
    incredible prizes.
    Students could win up to &pound;200 worth of vouchers and a
    chance to join 'THE LADDER'. 'THE LADDER' is an exclusive group that
    gives you access
    to exclusive opportunities, projects and a place on a day creative
    careers progression course.

    The project has been designed in a way that means it can be tailored
    to suit a range of qualifications, abilities and subjects, from Design
    Technology, Art or Science.
    Ideas Foundation aims to identify and
    nourish creative talent and increase diversity in the advertising
    agencies. We hope that through our projects we can give students the
    necessary skills and experience to peruse a career in the creative
    Please contact clare@ideasfoundation.org.uk for more information.
  2. Hi there , i have read your project it's really a wonderful opportunity for students , Students should take part in your project , Thanks for sharing this great news .
    top tradesmen

  3. IamCreative

    IamCreative Occasional commenter

    Please feel free to get in contact if this is something you would like your school to get involved in. 3 schools have already signed up, and places are limitted.
    Best Wishes

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