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Free backing tracks / sound effects

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by School Boy Error, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    Does anyone know where I can get any free backing tracks / sounds effects from? The kids have done some animations in I Can Animate and are now producing them with voice overs and credits etc. It would be nice to have some form of backing track with some and perhaps some sounds effects but I'm not sure where I could find any suitable for Year 5 and for free!
  2. I've always found freeplaymusic (.com?) to be a good one. All public domain.
  3. Seconded - http://freeplaymusic.com/ is fantastic
  4. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    Thanks, I'll have a look tomorrow at school to see if I can access it.
  5. DEmsley

    DEmsley New commenter

  6. autismuk

    autismuk New commenter

    Lots of sites like that but I suspect SBE's filtering system will think they are music piracy sites.

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