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Free Assembly Website for SLT and other Assembly Leaders. Feedback please.

Discussion in 'Senior Leadership Team' started by BigBill, Jan 26, 2012.

  1. BigBill

    BigBill New commenter

    Having been a member of SLT for more than 20 years I continue to find it takes a lot of time to prepare assemblies. There are books and some assembly websites to help, but these have not always been what I needed. Many of the assembly websites have to be paid for.

    What I have wanted is a free source of assembly ideas, and in particular video resources which will act as a starting point for the assembly theme.

    Having not found this, a teacher colleague of mine has started a free assembly website called AssemblyTube at http://www.assemblytube.com

    In the short time that the website has been running there are several hundred assemblies available. All free. All provided by teachers. The site is non profit making. It is there purely to help teachers.

    The idea is to have a 100% free website specifically for videos, suitable for assemblies. If each member of each school's SLT was to contribute a single assembly idea, there would be enough assembly ideas for a lifetime of assemblies. This would save thousands of hours of work per year for SLT members up and down the country. Other assembly givers such as Heads of Year would also benefit.

    The format of the site allows users to quickly scan the assembly videos, and does not involve time wasting downloads. You can click on a thumbnail and the video plays immediately.

    I think this is a great way forward.

    Have a look and please give some feedback on the site.

    It would be nice to get back to some free sharing of ideas within the profession. The TES does a good job, but there is a gap in this area which I think this new website helps with.

    It would be good to have SLT members in all schools using the site and thereby helping colleagues. I am sure my friend would welcome feedback on whether the site is meeting the needs of SLT members and other assembly leaders.

    I hope the TES can support more initiatives like this.
  2. This doesn't really save any time, its just a load of videos, you've still got to do the rest, power points etc, may give you an initial idea, but still all the rest to do.

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