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Free A3 fact packed world map

Discussion in 'Geography' started by Adrian_Ferraro, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. We have a limited number (~ 40) 'Destination Inspiriation' world maps to give away - ideal for KS3 and beyond. The posters are full of interesting facts, quizes and suggestions for inspiring geography trips around the world.
    If anyone would like one, please let us know. You can view the poster here
    Email us at schools@thestc.co.uk or contact us to order yours.

  2. paul0803

    paul0803 New commenter

    Hello. Do you still have any of these maps left? Thanks
  3. Hi, @paul0803 - yes we do! Send us your details here:http://www.thestc.co.uk/support/contact
    And... we've just found another box hidden away in the office (!!!), so we've got another 50 or so. And... it's A2, not A3 - sorry.
    @dskeen - glad you like it. You're very welcome.
    (sorry for the late reply)
  4. Hi Adrian

    I would like one of these maps, I'm going to send you the details.



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