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Freaky...this actually happened to me this weekend!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tigi, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Wow Marsie - you kept that quiet! Congratulations!

    [​IMG]Hope you'll be very happy together! xxx
  2. Flippin' 'eck!! It's all kicking off! Firstly - congratulations Happy (and Mr. Happs) - I bet your little boy is beautiful. Hope he's good at sleeping! Did everything go alright? Not toooooooo painful?
    Secondly - congratulations to MRS Mars - kept that very quiet eh? Really happy for you & wish you both many years of joy. Was it a lovely wedding? Did you have a new frock?
    Hope your inspection goes well jesty . Don't worry chuck - they'll be dead impressed!
    Hope Cogs is ok. Her little one should be here by now. Yet more champange to get through! Well done to one and all! (I sound like Tiny Bluddy Tim!)[​IMG]
  3. Congratulations Mrs Mars (and Mr Mars too) What fab news!

  4. Thank you bpm - they are perfect x
  5. And now it's been 8 weeks! A something-or-other anniversary. Well done! (Hope it's still on!)
    Hi Happs - how's little Happy? Hope he's letting you sleep a bit.
    Just got back from school - Sixth Form Open Evening. Deep joy. Quick glass of wine then off to bed. Hope everyone's well. [​IMG]
  6. Anna, that's nearly 2 and a half months, practically a year now - or does it just feel like it when you are very, very happy!!!
  7. Flippin'eck! Just signed in for the first time this week & there's life in the old Bra! How you doin' chuck? You must be really really happy if it feels like a year! I'm equally happy for you. Now -when's the baby due? Might as well make it triplets! (Seriously, really pleased everything's going so well for you. You deserve it. x) Hope you enjoy your "first Christmas"!
  8. Hi Anna, we are like ships what pass in the whatsit in this Bra!

    Life is good and making the most of it!
    No more babies for me - Casino put me off for the forseeable!!!!!

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