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Freaky...this actually happened to me this weekend!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tigi, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Call the baby Jestro, not the cankles! Good grief! Now, ideas for Victor's plums- stewed, boiled, rubbed gently with soft, careful strokes,then squeezed, not too firmly, to test ripeness. if the juice shoots out, you need to adjust your pressure!
  2. flat_in_5th

    flat_in_5th New commenter

    adjust the pressure? that must be where I am going wrong!
  3. Yep, it's all in the wrist action!
  4. Tsk! Itold you lot to keep it clean - think of the unsullied babes! Anyway, I've stewed them all so I can stick them in the freezer and forget all about them for a couple of years before finding them,being totally mystified then throwing them out! Can't believe how quickly these holidays are going.....
  5. *Looks sheepish*

    I was caught going slightly too fast coming home from work one day, so was invited to have three points on my licence or spend a day learning not to speed...I've chose the course as I'm all for education! (and it includes lunch!)

    However...I think I've also been caught today by a policeman with a hand held camera thing so it looks like I'll be getting the points as well, and I'll end up paying £150 for the priviledge (sp?)

    I'm hoping they are going to be very nice to the eight month pregnant lady, especially during the 'practical element' of the course!
  6. Tsk tsk! You've gotta stop living in the fast lane now you are going to be a mummy! Still, I'm sure you can get away with it by saying you HAD to get to a loo, baby pressing on bladder etc.
  7. Being a responsible, upright, law-abiding citizen I always stick to the speed limit. Especially since I gained the last three points on my licence - which takes my current total up to nine!
    Why wasn't I offered that option? S'not fair.
    (And before people start jumping up & down about speed merchants etc. may I add that 2 of the points were for doing 34 in a 30mph and one was for doing 57 in a 50mph.[​IMG] )
  8. You could have cited 'burning carrots, must get home to save them' as mitigating circumstances!
  9. flat_in_5th

    flat_in_5th New commenter

    Speed Awareness is only offered in certain towns/cities, and is only offered to those a couple of mph over the limit (again how many mph depends on your location)

    The trick is - DONT GET CAUGHT. (How you do that is entirley up to you. Snooper/Road Angel? Not exceeding the posted limit? Keep your eyes open? Get the bus? - if you get caught again, getting the bus might be your only option for a little while)
  10. Well sucks to you Flats cos 3 of the points come off next week and another 3 come off the week after. Brmmmmmmmmmmm brmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm[​IMG]
  11. Don't listen to Flats, you is a laydee and therefore prone to doing things your way!
  12. I've no intention of listening to him. And anyway - if I get nicked again (which obviously I won't cos I'm now very law-abiding) then I'll just tell them I have to hurry cos I'm late for my speed-awareness course. [​IMG]
  13. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Good evening Ladies. It's been so long...
    Could I assist any of you with your excess baggage?

    Or would a simple Gin and Tonic, with plenty of ice and a twist of lime help?

    At your service...
  14. You're offering to service us laydees? Well, there's something worth considering!
  15. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Ijest, m'lady.
    So pleased to reaquaint.

  16. think I missed the chapter on reaquainting in the karma sutra!
  17. Nah -you just skipped the introduction!
    How are you zian? Still enjoying the sunshine?
  18. ian60

    ian60 New commenter

    Hi Anna. Yeah, we are enjoying the sunshine in a new country (we left Turkey in June). First day of teaching tomorrow, bl00dy nervous as it seems to be a very good school with extremely high expectations.
  19. Good luck tomorrow zian. They gave you the job so they must know you're up to it! Lucky you with all that sunshine - I'm just going out and debating whether or not to wear a winter jacket; it's bloody chilly here, damn it. Almost find myself looking forward to winter - at least then I'll be able to wear thick tights, woolly jumpers and heavy coats without feeling "there's something wrong here"!
  20. Hope your first day was good. Enjoy![​IMG]

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