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Freaky...this actually happened to me this weekend!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tigi, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Bludy hell! I go 'on secondement' for a few months and come back to find you've been at it like rabbits and sprogs are on the way! Does this mean we'll have to open a milk-bar at the bra & grill?
  2. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll heeeeeeeeeellllllloooooooooo Jesticulation! Long time no see! Hope everyone in freaksville is well and enjoying their break!
  3. Missed you all loads, but got sick of trying to get on here. New pc may be helping! So, who's up the duff, who's sprogged? Not you is it, Marsie-****?!x
  4. Know about Coggers and Happy Face - but hardly on these days for all sorts of reasons.
    Don't know if there are any minifreaks yet - I am heading over to preggers forum to do some research.
    Miss you Jester!
  5. flat_in_5th

    flat_in_5th New commenter

    not me either
  6. Nor me.
    (Suck your tummy in Flats and talk in a really deep voice - that should stop people being confused [​IMG])
  7. Just back from weekend YHA in Warwickshire. Excellent! Daughter & son-in-law a bit miffed cos, it seems, I snore so loudly people were complaining that there was a herd of wrthogs loose in the place! How cruel!x
  8. *sneaks (waddles) in (wearing flat shoes - sorry!)

    Hellop everybody

    Sorry haven't been on for ages - just thought I'd check how all the aunties and uncles to be are?

    Thought I'd clear out the cleaning cupboard and fix it up with a couple of cribs and a video monitor whilst I'm in nesting mode
  9. Happy! How are you? I thought perhaps you'd taken up permanent residence in Mothercare! When are you due? Are you keeping well? (And don't worry about the flats -it'ssupposed to be summer so we're allowed flip-flops.)
  10. Leboutton (SP?) flats are ok. How you doing? Have you got 'cankles' yet? Hope you'll call it after me![​IMG]
  11. er - why would Haps call her cankles"ijest"???
  12. Hi Haps-is your big day coming around soon?
    I honestly don't believe we should be indulging Jestro by installing monitors n cribs in the cleaning cupboard - she will never grow up if we keep treating her like a wean!

    Hi, Anna- how are your carrot annihilations coming on?

  13. Cankles- you know, when your calves & ankles become one and the same! Lovin the name, 'Jestro'. Perhaps Popsy can start mass producing carrot puree for the weaning of said baby?
  14. Hi mariarse - hope you're having a great summer. I've put the carrots on the back burner for a while (must check them soon!) as a friend came round yesterday with a massive carrier bag full of plums. (I'd said I'd like some from her orchard -expecting a bowlful!). What the hell do I do with a ton of Victoria plums????? (Keep your replies clean chesty)
  15. Weeeeeeeeeel, Jestro could certainly tell you what to do with Victor's plums!
  16. Due at the end of September, and don't have cankles yet but will happily call them jestro when I get them.

    I'm fab but hot - how is everyone?

    Would love it if Anna could puree some carrots and plums in prep for the weaning - I'm sure the black bits will be good for baby!
  17. Oi! Keep it clean Mariarse - there are unborn babies reading!
    Not too long to go now Happs - are you excited? Will get busy pureeing carrots & plums; clever idea giving baby main course and pudding together, saves on washing up. (And there won't be too many black bits cos I've picked most of them out - and my hands were fairly clean, so no worries there). If you want to cool down, come to the W.Midlands - it's pretty chilly here today. Are you on ML now? 2 more weeks holiday left - going far too quickly. :(
  18. Am excited...and very scared. Maternity leave starts on August 30th - how good is that timing!

    Just have a speed awareness course to get out of the way then I can start really concentrate on making myself nest - I'm told it comes naturally but am worried that the instinct to tidy will pass me by...
  19. flat_in_5th

    flat_in_5th New commenter

    speed awareness? Is that to get labour over with as quickly as possible?
  20. Just what I was wondering! Tell us more Happs!
    Good timing there - so, not back at school in September- well done you! Don't be too scared - you'll be fine. It's not great at the time but (hopefully) quickly over and the result is fantastic. I can still remember that lovely feeling of falling totally in love with him (and the her that followed 18 months later, and the him that followed 5 years after that!) and feeling so sorry for the other mums on the ward because their babies were so obviously red, squawking, inferior beings compared to my beautiful, perfect child. There's nothing like your first baby! Good luck sweetie.


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