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Freaky...this actually happened to me this weekend!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by tigi, Feb 3, 2008.

  1. Thank you for the hob nob.

    If you save my place, I'll go and buy a shed full of chocolate - we could be here for the duration, and chocolate helps me think.

    (It doesn't really, but I feel the need to justify myself)

    Now, where did I put that purse?

  2. Lunch anyone?
  3. yme


    *passes round soup*
  4. See? I KNEW I'd seen a purse and nobody'd believe me. TeddyB 'fess up - where did you find that purse and what's in it? I think we should know.
    (wouldn't mind some soup, thanks.)
  5. yme


    I've re-read OP an have changed my theory.

    "How odd is this?

    I found a purse walking through a London suburb"

    Call Torchwood! Walking purses are very odd indeed, and I'm sure Captain Jack would want to know.
  6. That is just so x-files spookt yme, I was about to make the same comment!
  7. Hmmph! I did that comment already on page one!

    *sulks in corner, not sharing BIG chocolate cake*
  8. Sorry indigo but that was yonks ago and I don't have the best memory at the best of times.
  9. yme


    sorry peaches, you did indeed. post 3.
  10. OK this is getting ridiculous now! Where is Tigi?


    Oo and some of that soup wouldn't go amiss if there's any left please?
  11. methinks you are apologising so you can have some of my chocolate cake!

    But I'm saving it for tigi, I found it in her purse, you see!
  12. Anyone else bored of waiting around? I need something to look forward to.... anyone fancy popping down the shops with me and I'll get some drink in for tonight, if we're gonna be here for a while, may as well enjoy ourselves and have a party!

    Tigi... you can join us if you like!

    So who's coming with me?

    El x
  13. I am quite partial to chocolate cake and we do think alike and I did apologise. I think it would be mean spirited of you not to pass me a sliver. I will flash boobies to ensure you get plenty space to sit down and wait for Tigi!
  14. Yep ellie, I'm up for that. Indigo, was there any money in that purse with the chocolate cake/cancelled credit cards/old friend's driving licence . . .?
  15. ooh good idea Ellie. I was thinking of going away for half-term but I think I might hang around here and see what happens. (Actually, I keep forgetting why I'm hanging around now - I;m just enjoying all the food! If only people wouldn't keep shoving!)
  16. You are quite welcome to the chocolate cake, I mean, it is 6 years old so it's not exactly fresh, but hey ho!

    Well, interestingly there was something else in the purse

    a key! What do you think it is for??
  17. Right Lou and Anna, we're in charge, what drink do you bring to the table?

    I bring Gallons of wine and vodka... help yourself guys!

    (Oh and mixers if you wish to dilute :))

  18. a key to his heart?!?
  19. this is becoming mightily intruiging....

    Perhaps there's a secret door to a scret room in secret house on a secret street....... Perhaps it's ALL just a big secret!

    God, I hope Tigi is ok, I mean seriously, we haven't heard from her for days :-S
  20. in a SECRET TIMEZONE!!! Like Stargate!

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